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07:06:17 AM Dec 18th 2017
"Can also have attacks that are difficult to avoid (moot if it's a game where dodging is based on chance, like a turn-based RPG)." But what if the chance decreases
06:47:43 AM Dec 15th 2013
The RPG folder either needs to have some example pruning (making them more concise) or it needs to be divided into two or more folders; its size is why the folder code isn't working on the page.
04:09:53 AM Apr 8th 2012
I'm moving this example:
  • There is also the double battle on the same route with a Manectric and Castform that both know Thunder which ALWAYS HITS because of the rain
here because a) it's grammatically incorrect and b) IIRC they're not really problematic, since Thunder is only a worry if you're using a Flying / Water type Pokemon; we need a second opinion.
10:17:52 AM Jun 10th 2011
What about this example:

  • Darkstone features enemy mages. While they are relatively weak, they can really bring down the hurt in the time they stay alive. How so? They can teleport at will to evade attacks; immune to projectiles and all elements; they can summon golems to pound on you; they can fling fireballs and to top it off they give approximately the same reward as normal enemies.
01:34:26 AM Jun 3rd 2011
Regarding the StarCraft example: its second half is written in first person, which violates the 'no I/this troper on main pages' rule. I suggest removing it.
09:27:20 AM Nov 12th 2011
I fixed it.
12:34:42 PM May 30th 2011
Does this have to be a purely video-game trope? I'm sure more than one would-be criminal picked on a target that looked weak and wasn't (though that's kind of a villainous inversion). Though in real life, none of us are truly mooks (we're Mauve Shirt at worst) so....
02:21:02 AM Apr 11th 2011
Spiral Knights, Rcoket Puppies. The third post of explains what's wrong. Basically, they're in the set of common enemies, meaning they can spawn randomly at up to eight at a time. However, they deal more damage than any other common enemy even if you don't count the massive burn damage they cause, their projectiles can barely be dodged and bounce off walls making them pretty much impossible to destroy, they can fire so fast you're pretty much guaranteed to have at least one missile after you at all times, and two hits on your shield destroys it. Impossible.
07:11:05 PM Jun 9th 2010
Eh, maybe change picture to Tonberry. Looks a lot less threatning.
06:47:21 AM Dec 13th 2010
edited by Icarael
Removed this:

  • The Baldur's Gate series occasionally has monsters like this. For example, have you ever fought a Giant Spider at 2nd level? Because that poison will mess you up. Try skeleton warriors, who look no different from the skeletons you've wrecked in mass numbers throughout the game, but have hit points like crazy and are some of the few Mooks to carry magic weapons and do damage like a small Mack truck! How about monsters like illithid, who are more dangerous to the party's Mighty Glacier than the Squishy Wizard because their primary method of attack goes after the mind and ignores hit points? And unless you have one of two unique items in Baldur's Gate II, Beholders will destroy the party by blinking at you.
    • Those are Demonic Spiders.

If it's a case of Demonic Spiders, then why is it here?

PS: Feel free to revert all edits if needed.
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