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Working Title: Boss In Mook Clothing: From YKTTW

Lord TNK: Edited out baby sheegoths from Metroid Prime. They are annoying, but their attacks are rarely devastating, and they are relatively easy avoid, save for the one time you have to fight them.
  • Bossman: If someone thought baby sheegoths were hard, I wonder what they thought of adult sheegoths. Not the one guarding the wave beam, though, that's a King Mook.

Lord TNK: I deleted the Pokemon entry, and moved it to Metal Slime.

Kizor: Note to self: Become a proficient game designer. Make a game where a Body Horror enemy is introduced by starting a normal battle with a familiar mook enemy, then having the monster burst out of its chest and devour it. Switch music tracks mid-fight.

Rutee: Is it a boss in Mook's Clothing if it's called a boss, treated like a boss, but comes out with the random encounters?