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09:45:11 PM Apr 3rd 2017
I know that it's labeled for No Real Life Examples, but Ted Haggard is a pretty unambiguous real-life example. So. Yeah.
09:07:37 AM Nov 18th 2013
How has it been "scientifically disproven" that most modern Jews are descended from Khazars? I know of this theory but have read little about it and am curious.
08:17:12 AM Sep 24th 2013
Can we axe the Real Life section? I feel that this is a little touchy thing to go into real life stuff.
07:25:02 PM Oct 19th 2012
I believe there's a problem with the real life example about Hawai'i:

In Hawai'i haoles (pronounced "howlies"), or white people, are often subjected to harassment, name calling and (in a few cases) even outright violence by local people. Local usual means Asians and Native Hawaiians, though oddly enough it also includes the rather large Portuguese community for some reason (perhaps they see themselves as Hispanic, which effectively gives them white N-Word Privileges). Also many Native Hawaiian activists could probably spend the better part of the afternoon talking about how "the haoles stole our land". This seems almost odd when you consider that nearly 60% of all people in Hawai'i (and about 99% of all Native Hawaiians) are of mixed race and nearly all of them have at least some Caucasian ancestry.

Not sure if there's a mighty whitey involved in writing this note, but it's dripping hate and vitriol against native Hawaiian activists. So what they share 'some caucasian ancestry'? Their beliefs and identities are for them to construct, not to be determined by us based on their skin tone. Anyway, any look at the history of the Kingdom of Hawaii and how it was invaded and occupied in a coup by white foreigners through aid of the US government would understand these activists' grievances. I'm just throwing this for discussion before I attempt a review of the para.
08:44:06 PM Jul 28th 2012
The "Hellsing" reference in Anime/Manga needs to be cleaned up, removed or edited and moved to the appropriate spot in Literature. Is it referring to Hellsing or Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles? I know it's about Vampire Chronicle's, but that only makes it more confusing when an article titled "Hellsing" discusses Marius and Armand without clearly indicating why.
06:50:50 PM Apr 23rd 2012
Does it still count as Boomerang Bigotism if the person in question is the only-ever Defector from Decadence Always Chaotic Evil (lets assume it really is just that one exception for once.)

I don't think that situation quite falls under You Are What You Hate or at least not only under it, because that trope implies the character who dislikes a particular thing is secretly a practitioner of the very thing and Defector from Decadence explicitly hands in their union card. Hunter of His Own Kind overlaps, but not every hater is necessarily a hunter.

I guess I got a bit off my own topic here. The question is, does it count as bigotism if the person has a point?
10:10:52 AM Feb 11th 2012
edited by R.G.
Would a mutant who hated other mutants be considered a Boomerang Bigot?
10:15:59 AM Feb 11th 2012
Probably, if they knew about it. There's a very similar trope to this, You Are What You Hate, and I think X-Men examples are usually more like that.
12:40:24 AM Dec 4th 2011
I think we need a better distinction between this trope and You Are What You Hate. There are at least three different categories here.

  • Someone is openly a member of a group he hates.
  • Someone privately accepts that he's a member of a group he hates but hides it from others.
  • Someone is a member of a group he hates but does not realize it.
09:29:31 PM Nov 30th 2011
This needs some clean-up, especially the Truth in Television section — many of those examples are either You Are What You Hate or neither trope.
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