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06:33:28 PM Jun 27th 2014
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The following Zero-Context Example has been commented out on the page and copied here. Please don't uncomment it unless you add enough information to make it clear that it's an example of this trope, particularly which product or company it's a reference to.

Tabletop Games
  • Android "Diesel gives you flames".
03:59:39 AM Jul 30th 2012
edited by Reelya
I've put anime/manga bland name products into alphabetic order by name of show, cleaned it up so names of shows are aligned down the left, i've been adding new references, so wanted to speed up checking and make this page more useful
03:34:41 PM Mar 30th 2012
Wouldn't Mitsuboshi be three hats, while it's Mitsuhoshi that's three stars?
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