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05:06:05 AM Dec 12th 2017
edited by Arivne
Deleted the following from the Shadowrun example in Tabletop Games since Averted Tropes are only allowed for Omnipresent Tropes and aversion-only pages.

  • Averted in some cases, such as sourcebooks listing purchasable vehicles made by Ford and Chrysler.
09:29:07 PM Aug 8th 2015
I seem to remember there being cans of "Mt. Do" showing up on at least one old sitcom; maybe Full House? Not sure, and Google is failing me. Anyone else remember something like this?
03:12:35 PM Jul 21st 2015
Under "Real Life" the link associated with KFC ripoff "KLG" was going to a fake BBC News page, almost certainly a phishing site, so I killed the link.
02:14:36 AM Apr 1st 2015
I don't know if you think there are enough damn Simpson's examples already but an interesting and fairly prominent one is Laramie Cigarettes being an ersatz Marlboro - from the Simpsons Wiki:

"the logo and package design of Laramie cigarettes look almost identical to that of Marlboro Cigarettes. The name of the cartoon smokes is apparently in reference to the town of Laramie, Wyoming which, like Marlboro, is known for having a cowboy and wild west image."

And further to Laramie Wyoming's 'cowboy and wild west image' - The James Stuart film - The Man from Laramie

Contrasting, of course with the Marlboro Man
06:33:28 PM Jun 27th 2014
edited by
The following Zero-Context Example has been commented out on the page and copied here. Please don't uncomment it unless you add enough information to make it clear that it's an example of this trope, particularly which product or company it's a reference to.

Tabletop Games
  • Android "Diesel gives you flames".
03:59:39 AM Jul 30th 2012
edited by Reelya
I've put anime/manga bland name products into alphabetic order by name of show, cleaned it up so names of shows are aligned down the left, i've been adding new references, so wanted to speed up checking and make this page more useful
03:34:41 PM Mar 30th 2012
Wouldn't Mitsuboshi be three hats, while it's Mitsuhoshi that's three stars?
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