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Trademark Mangling launched as Bland Name Product Discussion: From YKTTW

Working Title: Trademark Mangling: From YKTTW
Adam850: Is someone going to write this one? I have examples to add.

Sikon: I'm sorry, I launched it and then realized I didn't feel like writing it at the time. Thanks to those who did write it.

{{J Chance)): Does the truck from Toy Story count? It's clearly a Toyota, but the only letters remaining on the tailgate say "YO".
Prfnoff: Where's Waldo is the North American Market-Based Title of Where's Wally.

Prfnoff: Not an obviously similar name, and so not a good page quote:
"When I'm travelling through the Land of Oz in my new Takuro Spirit, I drink Nozz-A-La! It fills me up but never fills me out! It makes me happy to be a man!"
Eddie Dean, The Dark Tower

Not so much Writing Around Trademarks as outright parody:
  • Order Of The Stick has "Evan's Spiked Tentacles of Forced Intrusion", a spoof of the the Dn D spell "Evard's Black Tentacles". And "Bixby's Evicting Hand", a takeoff of the "Bigby's X Hand" spells.

Probably not worth noting even as aversions:
  • Spectacularly averted in Code Geass, where, yes, you guessed it: Pizza Hut. Also includes Biglobe (a Japanese ISP)
  • Ditto with Great Teacher Onizuka. Sony stays Sony, Coca-Cola stays Coca-Cola, Ape Escape stays...Ape Escape.
    • But only partially; this troper recalls seeing several Bland Name Products in GTO, but can't recall what they were.

Excel-2009. That KFG image looks incredibly fake.
If Wc Donalds is so common in anime, shouldn't it be treated as a separate trope (or at least a separate category).