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05:00:09 AM Feb 26th 2017
An actual adaptation of the story (e.g. Jesus Christ Superstar) doesn't count for this, does it? Judas is a character because it's the story he's from. Also, the entry is about how he's not a bad guy really, in that, which is... doubly not-this-trope.
12:38:08 PM Apr 6th 2014
Is it fair to call Haman's attempted genocide the first attempted genocide? I'd argue that Pharaoh ordering the death of every Hebrew boy was a de-facto attempted genocide, since a race without any males will eventually vanish, if only through dilution. Plus, I seem to recall that Haman's own ancestors were the victims of an attempted genocide by King Saul.
04:27:55 AM Mar 20th 2010
Should Longinus (the Roman who stabbed Jesus on the cross) and Goliath be added to this list? I'm not sure about goliath, as he seems to turn up as heroic in quite a few occurences.
06:31:12 PM Oct 13th 2010
In addition to that, should we add Lilith to the list? Yeah, she's not technically Biblical, but she seems to be one of the de facto progenitors of vampires these days.
04:04:45 AM Oct 14th 2010
She is also technically not a "guy"...
08:38:25 AM Feb 23rd 2013
I think there is probably room for an "Other" section - in 5ive Girls it's Legion.
08:24:01 AM Apr 7th 2014
Longinus is a) not in the Bible (the soldier with the spear is unnamed in the Bible), and b) was never imagined as a bad guy.
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