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07:36:08 PM Jan 17th 2013
Example that doesn't sound like this trope, but is confusingly written enough that perhaps it is there, if someone who knows about this could clarify if it is an example, and clean it up if it is one, that would be great:

  • Tales of MU has Suzune "Sooni" Hoshinotama, who appears to be this in addition to the local Yandere. She sees herself as the lead character in a manga, and expects the world to naturally follow the "rules" of manga plot lines — and then goes into a towering, violent rage whenever the universe doesn't play along. If there's anything behind the mask, it's a very young, very isolated little girl.
05:59:29 AM Jan 6th 2013
Transformers: Shattered Glass had Punch, an "evil Autobot" investigative reporter for "Around Cyberton," for the Autobot Broadcasting Network (ABN). His "good Decepticon" alter-ego was Counterpunch. While working "undercover," Punch attracts the attention of Decepticon Broadcasting Network's (DBN) Esmeral and Monstructor. They make him an offer, which he accepts. While Esmeral's with Punch, he transforms into Counterpunch and tells the Audience "I'll see you all on DBN!" to Rook's chagrin. (It helped Monstructor was a nicer boss to work for than "that crusted crankshaft, Countdown.")
12:03:43 PM Feb 21st 2012

Chopped natter:
  • Lord Voldemort in The Harry Potter series.
    • True, but only in the sense that he's born evil, pretends to be good and never even flirts with this trope in any way at all, being completely and utterly evil the entire time. Which is to say, not really true at all. If anything, he's the textbook antithesis of this trope.
      • However, it could be said that he does create a mask for himself when he tells people to start calling himself Voldemort. He only ever kept the persona around to manipulate people around him who didn't support his views until he gained enough power.
08:42:06 PM Sep 5th 2011
I think we need to change or remove the current image picture. (The Riddler from Batman.) It demonstrates That Man Is Dead a lot more than it does Becoming the Mask.
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