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zhirzzh I'm wondering if the person who says that Viletta is a subversion is confused? She doesn't really fit the trope, as she never comes around to being on Lelouch's side.

Kilyle: I wonder if we shouldn't have a note as to the Real Life scenarios in which (shockingly) a spy can leave her family, travel to another country, start a new life, get married, have kids, and then at a moment's notice drop the whole happy family act to fulfill some mission and/or return to base, leaving the "fake" family wondering where Mommy went.

Lale: Is she undercover posing as someone else when she starts this new family? If not, that sounds more like Witness Protection. It shouldn't be added if it remains theoretical, either; there should be a specific example with someone's name.

TJF588: There was a short story I read in a high school literature book, where a man had sent a letter to his wife/girlfriend/whoever with banned and/or dangerous textual content, then began to work for the state in order to intercept the letter for whatever reason. In the time it took him to come across the letter, he had become loyal to the state, even at the expense of his life, as turning over the letter to them revealed his crime, sentencing him to death. Or something like that. Anyone know what story this is, that would be in an 11th grade (I think) book?