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10:50:42 PM Dec 11th 2011
edited by EnragedFilia
I'm pretty sure this sort of thing isn't allowed in examples, but at least we can still enjoy the joke here

  • Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon. Married at 17 despite the opposition of Isabella's brother and king, then went on to win a civil war, finish the Reconquista, discover the Americas and secure Spanish dominance over Italy and the western Mediterranean. And also committed a couple of genocides. Nobody is perfect.

    • I wasn't expecting the Spanish Inquisition to come up!

    • Nobody expects the... Oh, you get the idea.
10:38:41 AM Sep 26th 2011
edited by jatay3
Wouldn't a picture of Worf and Jadzia's wedding in "you are cordially invited" be a good image link? Not only were they a really cool Battle Couple, their wedding invoked Klingon mythology about Battle Couple s

10:27:50 AM May 13th 2011
What if they're not really romantically involved, but Just Friends?
10:36:40 AM Sep 26th 2011
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