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04:55:26 PM Apr 11th 2017
edited by Snowybird77
Can somebody help me find the source for the quote at the bottom of the page?

The correct answer is Sisko.

No, Janeway!

.*sigh* Here We Go Again

But what about Archer?

You mean Archer? Or that Archer?

Whatever! The point is, Chris Pine is Kirk is clearly the superior Kirk!

.*Chirping Crickets*

Get him!

Since one of the links is to SF Debris I assume it's from one of his videos, but can anybody tell me which one? Thanks in advance.
03:25:10 AM Dec 12th 2012
Aren't all fanbases broken to some extent?
10:43:17 AM Dec 15th 2012
Not like these. for instance, A Tribe Called Quest fans hated the 4th album but was otherwise always unified. Now compare that to they even still have any fans? lol
08:27:27 PM Dec 17th 2012
What happened to Metalica is kinda sad honestly...just sayin.
01:21:03 PM May 1st 2015
This is exactly what I was thinking. Even franchises that are considered Sacred Cows will likely have a few who will complain They Changed It, Now It Sucks about something. From what I gather, this trope mostly extends to the extremely vocal ones.
06:21:45 AM Mar 17th 2012
The character sheet will be cut. See here.
10:30:08 AM Apr 27th 2011
I'm confused as to why this is YMMV. It seems to me that a series having a broken fanbase is a fact, not opinion. People's opinions are why this trope is in effect. Or maybe I've just read this trope wrong. Either way, can someone please clarify?
11:06:32 AM Apr 27th 2011
11:45:55 AM Apr 27th 2011
Ah, thank you.
06:57:50 PM Apr 10th 2011
You know, mabye we should get rid of all the examples like we did with Unpleasable Fanbase, since it's eaiser to list aversions.
02:17:00 AM Jun 5th 2010
Why does this trope have a characters subfolder when there's an entirely seperate trope for characters of this variety?
10:01:13 AM Feb 12th 2011
The newer entries not covered in base breaker needs to be moved there from broken base before the character sub-folder is deleted.
06:40:45 PM Apr 12th 2010
Wait, why haven't I heard of those that declared Half-Life 2 as being a terrible game?
05:19:12 PM Mar 27th 2010
Wouldn't like every example under the 'characters' section belong in Base Breaker? Or am I missing something?
01:25:46 AM Mar 28th 2010
not necessarily...base breaker isn't just about character's a but a specific instance i believe. where as broken base is just you know in general.
02:08:57 PM Mar 13th 2010
About this:
  • The latest one is over the use of the phrase "This Troper", and whether or not it should be allowed outside of Troper Tales
Err, why is there debate? No-one seems to be Edit Warring it back in, so am I missing something?
10:06:01 PM Jun 26th 2012
Um....why was the Politics sub page deleted? Was there ever a discussion about it before it was cut??
12:22:50 AM Jun 27th 2012
^There is a forum thread: Complaining removal, Special Efforts, Wiki And Forums.
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