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06:53:00 PM Mar 25th 2012
What's the difference between this and Well-Intentioned Extremist? The former's page emphasizes the villian's good intentions, which is the defining trait of the latter.
05:47:08 PM Apr 18th 2011
edited by SemiCasualObserver
Just a thought... Maybe We could adjust the page image to give a little more context? the current shot comes from this episode of Batman: The Animated Series. A series of images showing Fries in his cell, Fries with the snowglobe, and Fries crying might work out better than just Fries staring at the snowglobe. It all starts around the 21:30 mark.
05:48:24 AM Jul 30th 2010
team rocket, harley quinn and the brain are ineffectual sympathetic villains not anti villains. they are still villains
12:17:16 PM Feb 11th 2011
An Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain can be, and in fact, usually is an antivillain.
08:33:20 PM Jul 5th 2010
What's the difference between this an Tragic Villain?
04:38:49 AM Jul 14th 2010
A tragic villain is merely a villain that is sympathetic while an Antivillain is not actually a villain nor a hero, but really something gray
06:35:06 PM Dec 18th 2011
A Tragic Villain is a subset of the Anti-Villain. An Anti-Villain is a villain who, while fulfilling a villainous role, posesses non-villainous traits that allow the audience to sympathize with them. A Tragic Villain has this specifically because they did not choose to be evil.
09:24:17 AM Jun 15th 2010
- they have noticed that some examples are really Hero Antagonist
10:07:26 AM Apr 18th 2010
Is there any chance we can get rid of that ridiculous block of spoilers for Mass Effect? Between Anderson's backstory and the fact of Sovereign's ultimate nature, Saren just doesn't qualify for this trope. Either he's a bastard or a puppet, but either way, he's not really an anti-villain.

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