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05:00:00 PM Jun 18th 2012
edited by SundertheGold
Whoever typed this should perhaps read the books again. Ransom never once thinks of the Unman as innocent. The typer should also re-examine what "innocent" actually means. The creature knows that its actions will spite and hurt others, and does those things for no other reason than to spite and hurt others. "Innocence" would require the creature to not understand these things and to carry out those actions without realizing the impact upon others.

  • Another example (and a variation) from Perelandra is the demon that possesses Weston. Ransom is aware right away that he is dealing with something undeniably evil. It isn't until later that he realizes with horror that the "un-man" is completely innocent because it is pure, unadulterated evil. It only uses intelligence as a weapon to tempt the Green Lady, but then defaults back into childlike, spiteful cruelty, disembowling small animals and keeping Ransom awake by repeating his name over and over.
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