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11:20:59 PM Sep 4th 2014
The examples don't seem to fit the description. Am i reading this wrong or is this a legitimate problem?
02:06:49 AM Sep 5th 2014
Your post is far too undetailed for me to tell. Looking over the page it seems to me that the description is unfocused.
09:17:50 PM Aug 19th 2012
There doesn't seem to be much difference between this page and What Measure Is Non Human . Should this really exist?
09:11:49 AM Aug 20th 2012
I think that as current, they are impossible to tell apart. Will take it to TRS.
02:11:37 PM Oct 21st 2014
This still seems like a problem. Was it ever resolved or discussed?
12:38:29 AM Oct 22nd 2014
Never resolved, really.
07:59:42 PM Jul 8th 2010
Seems to me that this is tailor made to be an index or monster and alien tropes...
11:52:02 PM Jul 8th 2010
Yeah, an index would make more sense, though I thought we already have an index of monster tropes (or at least different monster-being types).

As a trope, though, it's way too broad, and seems destined to boil down into The Big List Of All Works Featuring Monsters And/Or Aliens In Some Capacity...

02:23:08 AM Jul 9th 2010
edited by SomeSortOfTroper
We have Alien Tropes, we have Our Monsters Are Different (which is being used as the general monster list, intent or otherwise, see the presence of Monster of the Week on the list). So we have the lists. A reorganisation may be a possibility, a page with some talk on the enduring theme, with then the various indices. However that would be a page with absolutely none of the content on this page and (I'll check but they are probably using it as described) ill fitting the wicks out there.

edit- scratch that. Was sitting in the bath when a minor revelation came to me. "Broad" is a useless term without some pre-agreed field of validity. It could be used to mean that the page is too fat. "Unfocused" is simply untrue. This is about Aliens and Monsters. They are a trope. A very common trope with lots of subtropes but basically this is the very old trope of having some other entity being the enemy rather than a human being. It's just very very basic.
09:33:20 PM Jul 10th 2010
^ Indeed. A supertrope on the level of The Hero and The Villain. And Older Than Dirt.
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