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07:57:15 AM Sep 6th 2012
I don't think "Broken Aesop" fits this book (one of the other Aesop tropes may), because we're not supposed to take the Zealandian woman's views as full truth. There are plenty of indications that David doesn't fully agree with them, there's the fact that the Zealanders are quite willing to kill off mutants and humans alike in order to rescue the telepaths - showing that they're far from morally flawless - , and there's statements throughout the book about how everyone wants to think they're how people are "supposed" to be. Zealand's better than Labrador, but it's not supposed to be a utopia.
06:52:16 PM Jan 24th 2011
An exciting, disturbing and ultimately thought-provoking book. And how many of us are there who have read the story and wanted to castrate Joseph Strorm, hug Aunt Harriet, or comfort Sophie?
07:39:34 PM Jan 24th 2011
  • raises hand*
07:56:33 AM Jan 28th 2011
You know, interestingly, when I first read the book and saw the part where Joseph punished David for "wishing" he had a third hand, I thought of it in terms of a Minor Injury Overreaction. Looking back now, though, my eyes have been opened regarding his character.