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07:55:51 PM Sep 20th 2012
Is Kitai really an Innocent Fanservice Girl? I always got the impression she adapted to Aleran clothing conventions quite well early on, even if she finds them annoying, and that most of her later tendencies towards casual nudity were either to tease people, particularly Tavi, or when she wants to seduce Tavi (in which case the fanservice isn't exactly "innocent"). Female Marat who aren't as familiar with Alerans (such as Kitai's cousin whose name escapes me at the moment- the one who leads the Horse Clan force on loan to Tavi/Scipio in Captain's) would seem to fit better.
06:38:37 PM Sep 19th 2012
I'm a new fan to this series, halfway through book one, and I F***ING HATE KORD!!! But he gave me an idea: Slavery Is a Special Kind of Evil as a trope?
10:03:03 AM Sep 20th 2012
edited by MrDeath
Welcome to the club. Believe it or not, though, he ain't even the worst.

If you want to make a new trope, take it to YKTTW.
07:51:47 PM Sep 20th 2012
Kord isn't the most evil villain in the series Kalarus has to take the cake on that one; Invidia's up there too, though she's more selfish than sadistic but he is probably the most hatable, I feel, if only because of how utterly, monstrously petty he is. At least Kalarus had the sheer guts of his plan going for him. At least Kord gets what's coming to him at the end of Calderon.