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06:49:29 PM May 13th 2018
Please link the actual post where this was decided to be cut.
06:57:56 PM May 13th 2018
06:58:14 PM May 13th 2018
This Page is where it comes up, arguing that all the images are Just a Face and a Caption.
11:59:30 AM Sep 17th 2013
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Not to sound too nitpicky here, but can we get some better pictures that show off the Magnificent Bastardry of these characters? Like a picture of Mello in his Slouch of Villainy as head of the mafia? Or Lelouch flashing one of his signature evil grins when things go just as planned? I only brought up the two because their pics wouldn't give off the Magnificent Bastard vibe to those not familiar with their respective canons. Anyone care to contribute? (I can't, I don't know how to add image links).
12:36:50 PM Sep 17th 2013
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Agreed. Clicking through most of them, the only one that I saw that was anything but JAFAAC was Xanatos. The rest were just... character pics or random screenshots.

Heck, some of them were showing the characters fighting, which, while not mutually exclusive, isn't associated with a Magnificent Bastard.

That said, I don't really know how Image Links is supposed to work. But as is, it seems pretty pointless having a page linking to random pics of guys who happen to be a Magnificent Bastard. I opened a thread on Ask The Tropers for suggestions.

EDIT: Having gone through all of them, Kane is also pretty decent. But my point remains.
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