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10:09:39 AM May 29th 2014
This entry:

  • When the younger Logan is fished out of the river, who knows how long after the assassination attempt, and pieces of rebar fall out his body, one of the police officers in the crew just delivers a very disinterested, almost disappointed "Oh, he's alive..." when he starts breathing.

Keeps being readded after it's removed, so I'm moving this to Discussion to prevent further edit warring. The line of dialogue in question is almost blink and you miss it, and the response is HIGHLY subjective. The line delivery may perhaps fall under Narm, but given the high variance of response (only one person seems insistent that it belongs on this page) does this really belong as a Crowning Moment of Funny?
11:11:44 AM May 29th 2014
Funny moments are inherently highly subjective, and it doesn't matter that it's blink and you miss it. So yes, the fact that one person thinks that was funny is enough for it to deserve a spot on the page. Only delete YMMV examples (including the moments) that are factually incorrect.
11:43:58 AM May 29th 2014
I quote from the main CMOF page:

"This is for all the scenes that were just flat-out hilarious."

One person finding it funny does not make a scene or moment flat-out hilarious. If you're to add EVERYTHING that even only one person thinks of as funny, then the CMOF pages would be endless, because somewhere, ONE person might find the most innocuous and straight-faced line of dialogue funny even if the rest of the world doesn't. This is also precisely why the main CMOF page has this:

"Note that when dealing with fiction that is extremely funny in its entirety, you should try to quote the high moments."
11:49:44 AM May 29th 2014
This has come up before. This is the entire reason the tropes were renamed from Crowning Moment of Funny to Moment Of Funny and so on. Yes, one person thinking it's funny is enough to keep it. Take it to Ask The Tropers if you don't believe me.
02:17:40 PM May 29th 2014
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So what would you say if someone were to find Iceman having his head snapped off and stepped on funny? By that definition, one person getting the giggles is all that's required to add it.

I would argue once again that there's a much better trope for this than CMOF: Narm. Especially considering the entry as written relies entirely on the perception that the line of dialogue in question was poorly delivered.
01:00:02 AM May 30th 2014
Yes, we do add items here based upon personal opinion - no wide consensus necessary.
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