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08:06:34 PM Jan 15th 2013
This page needs attention from an expert; the folders aren't working properly, and my examination shows nothing amiss in the markup.
01:25:15 AM Jan 16th 2013
No expert attention is needed; the issue is that folders can only contain a certain amount of text, but these have got so large they're breaking that. If the page is divided into more, smaller folders, it'll fix itself.
08:54:29 AM May 3rd 2011
To Mr. Death There was really no need to remove this
  • Fridge Horror here: But given the size of the cloning facility one has to wonder what they did with all the clones in training/raising once they got enough native recruits. It's hard to believe they all died in the line of duty before the recruitment engine was in full bloom. So is half the army clones, meaning your wingman could be one of a thousand people with the same face? Or were that You Have Outlived Yourusefulness. — Neko LLX

As you said "The clones are explicitly kept to make the first batch of Stormtroopers. Then they just stop ordering clones."

But my point is quite valid, there were still 10 thousand clones ordered, and they can't have ALL been killed before they filled the ranks so were they "removed" or did the native recruits have a thousand clone bunk mates?
09:01:15 AM May 3rd 2011
I still don't see what the "horror" is. This would be after the galaxy has gotten used to the idea of clones—it's not like they're all of a sudden being brought in. And 10,000 isn't exactly a huge number on the galactic scale.
09:10:35 AM May 3rd 2011
The Horror is seeing the same face in your baracks but isn't the same person, say you confide in your wing man only to find out later you confinded in his twin.

Assuming that they didn't just kill them all once they had enough natives which is horror in it's own right.

So 2 types of horror
09:17:02 AM May 3rd 2011
As I said: The whole galaxy has already seen and interacted with the clones for the last several years during the war. They're used to it, it's not this horrible, alien thing they now have to be forced into.

As for the second, that is explicitly not the case. They use the clones until they're killed off, retire, or are unfit because of clone degeneration.
09:27:06 PM Feb 5th 2011
When did George Lucas say that Anakin was created by Darth Plagueis?
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