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02:25:09 PM Aug 14th 2014
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"These seem fine to me."

These don't seem right. But Fridge Brilliance also seems to lack clear definition, or restriction. It falls into pure conjecture. The page would be/was swamped with really thin examples, like: "Weiss wears all white because she's winter-themed".

Examples like these sound like Fridge Brilliance to me:

"Pyrrha didn't use any recoil from her weapon to slow her descent, and just smashed through everything until she stopped. While this in itself is a viable strategy, it makes more sense given that she was intending to help Jaune all along. Since he was just falling, with nothing stopping him, she couldn't slow herself down and still land in time."

The rest of these do not:

  • A meta example: the shipping name 'White Rose' is a reference to Weiss and Ruby, but also a literal description of Ruby's sigil.

Its a fan-term, a ship name. This isn't tied to the show, mentioned, or integral. A meta example about something created outside of the show, does that fit?

  • The iconic pose Ruby makes against the moon in her trailer is subtly repeated in the other three. Weiss poses in front of a window's streaming light before delivering the finishing blow to the knight, Blake poses in front of the shattered moon after doing a launch attack with Gambol Shroud against the Spider Mecha, and Yang backflips after punching Junior, posing up against the disco ball at the club as she reaches the height of the flip.

How is this a sudden realization? This is a pattern that establishes...? This one doesn't seem to fit.

  • There's a neat callback during the Food Fight when once again in a fight, Ruby does a Flash Step directly in front of Weiss. Only this time, instead of screwing up Weiss's attack, it was to take the shot from Nora that Weiss was trying to brace for.

So a Call Back is Fridge Brilliance?

  • Going back to Volume 1: When Nora and Ren are introduced, a joke is made of Nora's motor-mouth nature by having her constantly gabble over the duo's morning activities. Note how she seems to continue talking about the same subject over each timeskip. Impossible, yes? This could be seen as just a weird mistake... or it could imply that Nora is so scatterbrained, that she keeps looping the monologue back around to the same subjects over and over and over again.


  • Why did Penny sound unnaturally cheery and exceedingly strict in her diction at the end of Volume 1? Because she's a robot, as revealed in Volume 2, Episode 3. It is likely that her personality hadn't developed much beyond that of a basic AI at the time of first meeting the gang, and in the few weeks between the fight and meeting Ruby again, it could have developed, and is now much more subtle, and more natural.


  • Now that we know that Weiss has a sister, her comment back in season one about how she always wanted bunk beds as a kid suddenly makes more sense.

How? What? What part of that "makes more sense"? It means she had a sister but they slept in separate rooms, or beds. It's not Fridge Brilliance, an immediate realization that makes the whole thing better. It's a bland observation.

And another matter, why were all the Fridge Logic entries moved to Headscratchers, while few seem to mind the increasingly dull Fridge Brilliance entries?

04:33:03 AM Sep 9th 2014
I think you're being a bit of a stick in the mud here. Just because it doesn't seem terribly insightful to you doesnt make it problematic; it's not like it's hurting anything. What, do you think all the good ideas are only going to start crawling out of the woodwork if we make room for them? This is what people are coming up with, deal.
03:01:50 PM Aug 29th 2013
What happened to all the Fridge Brilliance that was here?
03:11:36 PM Aug 29th 2013
...nothing. It's all still there.
05:29:21 PM Sep 10th 2013
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@Sp8des Slick

A lot of what was "there" were bland observations like, "This character has white hair, and this makes sense because she dresses in white clothing, which symbolizes that she likes winter, because she's winter-themed, and she has ice powers..."

That example doesn't really indicate any sort of brilliant deduction and isn't very significant, or factual, they're mostly pure speculation. You might as well point out how the hairstyles of every character are somehow relevant to the overall plot.
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