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Fridge for ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}''.

!! FridgeBrilliance:

* Team RWBY and fairy tale motifs:
** Yang and Blake become partners in Episode 6 (later becoming a full team when they join with Ruby and Weiss). Going by the lyrics of 'Red Like Roses', that makes them the ''Literature/BeautyAndTheBeast''.
** Making another fairy tale duo, Weiss and Ruby's names and partnership make them ''Literature/SnowWhiteAndRoseRed.'' This lets Team RWBY allude to ''five'' different fairy tales with only four members.
** The girls are inspired by seemingly unrelated tales. However, each tale involves a girl, a house, and a potentially dangerous creature within. Red Riding Hood has her grandma's house and the BigBad Wolf, Snow White has the Seven Dwarves' cottage, Belle has the Beast's mansion, and Goldilocks has the house with the Three Bears.
** In episode 11, Ruby eats cookies while Weiss eats an apple. Rather appropriate, given their respective FairytaleMotifs.
** The brilliance of Roman being Ruby's first fight: Roman is named, obviously, for the Roman empire. The empire's cultural center was Rome. The brilliance comes in when you recall who founded Rome in mythology: Romulus and Remus, two brothers who were... wait for it... feral children raised by wolves. [[LittleRedFightingHood Ruby]], meet [[TheBigBadWolf Roman]].
* A further connection between Weiss and her inspiration, Snow White: Mines. Dust is implied to be harvested from the earth (see the crystals it's sold as in Episode 1), and Weiss's family own Dust mines/process the substance. Snow White traveled to a mine and helped the workers there.
* The academies that train people to fight the monsters threatening civilization are called "Signal", "Beacon," and "Sanctum", which reference the "points of light" idea of an AdventureFriendlyWorld where isolated cities fight against the darkness.
* Ruby's weapon of choice is a SinisterScythe, which is often associated with the ''Grim'' Reaper. The monsters are collectively known as the ''Grimm''. Overall, many characters and creatures hail from stories written by The Brothers ''Grimm''.
* Pyrrha didn't use any recoil from her weapon to slow her descent, and just smashed through everything until she stopped. While this in itself is a viable strategy, it makes more sense given that she was intending to help Jaune all along. Since he was just falling, with nothing stopping him, she couldn't slow herself down and still land in time.
* In Forever Fall Part 2, Pyrrha explains that she can control magnetism. This explains her absurd accuracy with a thrown spear, and her shield (there's a FreezeFrameBonus in ''Players and Pieces'' where her spear hovers up to her hand with the magnetic sound effect when she gets launched over the Death Stalker). Magnetism would give her a large advantage over most opponents. Most of the characters we've seen so far use metallic weapons. Magnetism is one of the most versatile powers in fiction, reinforcing Pyrrha's position as the "strongest fighter" in Beacon.
* The lyric "And victory is in a simple soul" takes on an additionally optimistic tone after having learned that the Grimm are TheSoulless, lacking even the simplest of souls and, consequently, victory. And given Episode 1's narration which ends with Ozpin commenting that perhaps the answer lies with a simpler, more innocent soul. Aura, used in combat, draws power from your soul. Victory is LITERALLY dependent on your soul, not just metaphorically.
* The white flash whenever a human character is struck by one of the powerful blows being thrown around in the ''Yellow'' trailer is, in retrospect, clearly their aura defending them from lethal damage.
* Cardin's meaningful name explained by darkstarsabre on reddit:
--> "People have picked up on the Winchester part and the firearms being used in colonial activities - largely alluding to his treatment of faunus. But something much more interesting for you to consider. Henry Beaufort. The Cardinal of Winchester who presided at the trial of Joan of Arc."
* [[spoiler:Jaune faked his way into Beacon,]] explaining his initial incompetence, his BoringButPractical sword and shield as opposed to the Crazy mix-and-match weapons of the rest of Beacon's student body (and his surprise at Ruby's Crescent Rose being custom-made), his extremely casual clothing (underneath his armor, he's just wearing a sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers), and the fact that he didn't recognize Pyrrha except by a cereal box advertisement.
* When Blake gets tired of everyone bickering around her while she's trying to read, she gets everyone to shut up by blowing out her candle, seemingly surrendering her book for some peace and quiet. [[spoiler: However, we later find out that she's a Faunus, and that means she can see in the dark, so she likely wasn't losing any reading time at all.]]
* How do cats act towards new people? Cold, stand-offish... but once they realize you're family; they warm up to you. [[spoiler: Exactly how Blake acted.]]
* Weiss's refusal to acknowledge that not all Faunus are bad news and Blake's refusal to acknowledge that the White Fang really ''is'' showing their black and white views of the issue, matching their color themes.
* After [[spoiler:Blake]] explains the backstory of the White Fang, it becomes apparent that the song "[[spoiler:From Shadows]]" isn't about [[spoiler:Blake]], but about the White Fang.
-->[[spoiler:'' [[FantasticRacism When it started]], [[ReconcileTheBitterFoes all we wanted was a chance to live our lives]] / [[FaceHeelTurn Now in darkness]], [[TheRevolutionWillNotBeCivilized taking anything we want and we will rise]]...'']]
* So we know that Ruby associates better with weapons than with people, and what's her gun's last name again? That's right, she named Crescent Rose like a family member.
* The RWBY "White" trailer was released on February 14, 2013, otherwise known as Valentine's Day. The song featured in the trailer, "Mirror Mirror", makes constant references to being alone. February 14 is also known as Singles Awareness Day.
* A meta example: the shipping name 'White Rose' is a reference to Weiss and Ruby, but ''also'' a literal description of Ruby's sigil.
* The iconic pose Ruby makes against the moon in her trailer is subtly repeated in the other three. Weiss poses in front of a window's streaming light before delivering the finishing blow to the knight, Blake poses in front of the shattered moon after doing a launch attack with Gambol Shroud against the Spider Mecha, and Yang backflips after punching Junior, posing up against the disco ball at the club as she reaches the height of the flip.
* The [[MundaneMadeAwesome hilariously over-the-top]] FoodFight in "Best Day Ever", between Teams RWBY and JNPR, is clearly more than just that; look closely at how many of them used food (and other things) in ways that ''highly'' acted like their regular weapons. In other words, a what-if subtext of [[LetsYouAndHimFight Team RWBY vs. Team JNPR]]. Even better. Rubies are red, juniper berries are blue. In other words...Machinima/RedVsBlue.
* Also from the FoodFight, why were Team RWBY and Team JNPR able to use leeks, sausages, turkeys, baguettes and watermelons as weapons? Back in Season One, Pyrrha mentions that Aura can be used to strengthen weapons, among other things, to Jaune. Apparently in the hands of a skilled Aura user, even a broom is as tough as a sword. Or a piece of bread. Or a swordfish.
* There's a neat callback during the FoodFight when once again in a fight, Ruby does a FlashStep directly in front of Weiss. Only this time, instead of screwing up Weiss's attack, it was to take the shot from Nora that Weiss was trying to brace for.
* Cinder's team acronym:
** If Cinder, Roman, Mercury, and Emerald were a Hunter team, they'd be team CRME (Crime).
** Going by the color rules, it also works as CREM (Cream).
** With Neo added, they're Team CRMSN. (Using Emerald's last name, Sustrai.)
* The first book Emerald asks Tukson for is ''The Thief and the Butcher''; Emerald's been called a "Master ''Thief''" by Mercury, and Mercury seems to have been the one that killed Tukson - making him the ''Butcher''.
* Why did Penny sound unnaturally cheery and exceedingly strict in her diction at the end of Volume 1? Because she's a robot, as revealed in Volume 2, Episode 3. It is likely that her personality hadn't developed much beyond that of a basic AI at the time of first meeting the gang, and in the few weeks between the fight and meeting Ruby again, it could have developed, and is now much more subtle, and more natural.
* Going back to Volume 1: When Nora and Ren are introduced, a joke is made of Nora's motor-mouth nature by having her constantly gabble over the duo's morning activities. Note how she seems to continue talking about the same subject over each timeskip. Impossible, yes? This ''could'' be seen as just a weird mistake... ''or'' it could imply that Nora is ''so'' scatterbrained, that she keeps looping the monologue back around to the same subjects over and over and over again.
* Kara Eberle [[http://roosterteeth.com/members/journal/entry.php?id=3210840&uid=957253&page=1 states]] that Weiss' favorite season is winter. [[spoiler:We later find out that Weiss has a sister, named Winter]], so this acts as foreshadowing, and Weiss's comment about how she always wanted bunk beds as a kid suddenly makes more sense.
* ''Painting The Town...''
** Penny mentions that Ruby is taking the news of her true nature surprisingly well. All the way back in ''Shining Beacon'', however, Ruby mentions that meeting new weapons is just like meeting new people, only better. Penny, a weapon in the form of a person, is probably one of the coolest things Ruby can think of. No wonder she takes the news so well.
* Yang's semblance:
** Yang's semblance absorbs damage and sends it back at her opponent. Her Ember Celica are two shotguns strapped onto her arms, the recoil would cause some force against her arms when she fires them. So basically she absorbs the recoil from her Ember Celica and gets stronger with every shot. One suggestion floated on Tumblr is that her action of punching her fists together is a self powerup.
** During the food fight, Nora took her out the only surefire way possible... by actually ''physically'' taking her out of the battlefield.
** While possibly not intentional, when Neo fights against Yang, she does so with finesse and control, misdirecting Yang's punches with counters and relatively light blows, to avoid it kicking in.
* Every time Penny tells a lie she hiccups. Kinda like Pinocchio's nose growing when he lies.
* Junior says none of his men came back. What were his men doing with Roman? Robbing a Dust store. What happened during that robbery? They got blasted by Ruby. Not knowing that Yang trashed the bar after they'd left, they'd be too scared to go back to Junior telling him exactly what happened..... that they'd had their asses handed to them by a 15-year old girl half their height. Considering what Junior implied about his men, this wouldn't be out of line with their character. While it is possible the police picked them up, as an information broker, Junior would have likely known that. Given what happened to Tucson, this might drift into FridgeHorror too.
* Pyrrha takes on team CRDL in 4 on 1 fight. Who wants to bet she agreed to that because she still had a grudge for how they treated Jaune? Throw in the brutal way she finished off Cardin and it looks pretty likely. Given Glynda's protests when Mercury requested to fight Pyrrha, it even possible that fighting Team CRDL was ''Pyrrha's idea''. Sadly, she didn't make good on [[CallBack her threat to break his legs]].
* In Vol. 2 Episode 5, [[spoiler: Cinder]] is seen sewing. While the implications for the meaning behind the needle are very much wild mass guessing, the actual act of sewing makes sense in the context of her fairy tale: after all, [[spoiler: Cinderella was expected to serve her wicked stepmother and stepsisters and do every chore, sewing included]]. In Vol. 2 Episode 7, we see her clothes glow like fire when she attacks and could change into a formal dress when she had to make a quick disguise. What we saw her do in episode 5 was weaving dust into her clothes.
* Yang, whose motif is Goldilocks, once traveled to a house inhabited by dangerous animals when she was a child. And Ruby, who has the Little Red Riding Hood motif, went along with her. The sisters are saved from the Beowolves thanks to their uncle, who happens to be a Hunter.
* In Vol. 2 Episode 6, we learn that [[spoiler: Yang took Ruby when she was a toddler to follow a hint about Yang's mother, when they were attacked by Beowolves, and saved by Qrow. Ruby was asleep for most of the trip, judging from the flashback art and Yang's narration. However, if she wasn't woken up by snarling Grimm, she ''must'' have woken up when Qrow saved them with his ballistic scythe; this might have instilled Ruby with the desire to learn such a difficult weapon: watching her uncle save her life.]]
* In the first episode of Volume 2 we see Pyrrha use her [[MagnetismManipulation Semblance power]] to send a storm of cans at Team RWBY. She was probably just goofing around with her friends, but at the same time none of them were using their regular, metal weapons. The cans were probably the only thing she ''could'' do with it. It was probably one of the few times she could actually use her Semblance so openly as well.
** Extra points because RWBY already knows, since she point blank told most them in Volume 1.
* With Yang's explanation of hers and Ruby's mothers in Vol.2 Episode 6 (who both disappeared in similar circumstances), Red Like Roses Part II could easily apply to her and her mum as much as it does to Ruby and Summer. Might also even apply to Yang and Summer Rose, considering that by the way she described her, she did (and does) see her as her mother too.
* Jaune references Weiss singing. The only time we've seen her do that is her trailer, so he was in the audience. It probably influenced his decision to [[spoiler:fake his way into Beacon]] too.
* Yang's symbol is a burning heart, and two of her outfits have undershirts which, combined with the tops layered over them, form a heart shape. What is one of her major character traits? Her love and devotion to Ruby, of course.
* Back in the Yellow Trailer, when Yang [[ShockwaveStomp punched the floor of Junior's club]], it uncharacteristically bent around the impact, rather than being shattered upon impact. How? Perhaps the answer lies with Dust - it's been explained in the first World of Remnant that Dust can be woven within cloth, as well as directly fused with human bodies as well. Perhaps it could do the general same with metal/glass/other materials, giving them unique effects. Alternately she could've been channeling her aura directly into the floor. Similar ripple effects take place when both Lie Ren and Fox have used this technique against grimm.
* Weiss Schnee is primarily shipped with Ruby Rose in the fandom. Weiss' current love interest in canon is Neptune Vasilias. When one looks at the hair color of Weiss' potential soul mates, the logical conclusion is that the resulting shipping war could be called... Machinima/RedVsBlue.
* Joan of Arc was known for crossdressing and leading the French; she was also known for not doing much fighting on the battlefield herself, but instead being a strategic leader. Come Vol.2 Episode 7, Jaune has officially worn drag, and is the leader of team JNPR. Not only that, but Jaune is just about the weakest fighter in his team; he's the leader because of his strategic skills, not his battle prowess.
* In "Field Trip", Weiss takes to the puppy Zwei quite quickly after the initial impression. Remember 'I always wanted bunk beds as a kid'? She's quite ecstatic about something else she likely wanted to have, but couldn't.
* What if Ozpin was reserving that mission for RWBY in Field Trip.
* During the Initiation into Beacon Yang uses her gauntlets to prolong her flight. At first it appears that she is just having fun but considering how she wanted Ruby to team up with someone else, so she can mature a bit, maybe she was ensuring that Ruby won't be able to reach her before running into someone else.
* Episode 9 of volume 2:
** Doctor Oobleck asked team RWBY why they had chosen to be Huntresses, that is, all except Ruby herself. He was probably briefed on why she joined up by Ozpin. Plus, he didn't ''need'' to. Ruby has always had the goal in life to be a huntress to protect people. She ''knows'' why she chose that career. The others had never really thought about it themselves.
** Even better, when Yang was expressing her discontent at Oobleck's inaction, he points out, "This is a job, and you all signed on for it. I hope you understand that." Yang blows off the question after a bit of hesitance, and Oobleck narrows his eyes. After questioning the girls, in the next episode, they [[MeaningfulEcho unintentionally echo]] Oobleck's own words as they figure out why they chose to be Huntresses.
--->'''Blake:''' We all signed up for it.\\
'''Weiss:''' It's a job for the protection of the people.\\
'''Oobleck:''' ''[[SoProudOfYou [smiles]]]''
* In the third "World of Remnant" bit, we get some insight into the Grimm. Initially, the Beowolves that Ruby fought in her trailer appeared to be merely prototype enemies that Monty Oum used to showcase her fighting style, which he then retconned and replaced with the more modern bone-covered Grimm we all know and hate today. But this latest segment ''completely'' destroys that notion. Those ''were'' Grimm, totally loyal to canon. The reason that they don't have the bone-like plates their modern presentations are adorned with is that Grimm grow their bone-armor as they grow older. In light of this discovery, Ruby fighting the entire pack at once makes more then sense. At the time, she was still a trainee warrior at Signal, ergo she must have ventured into the forest to both visit the grave ''and'' find and fight a pack of relatively young Grimm for practice. Heck, she must have done it all the time so as to reach her current skill level.
* Roman's vague terrorism makes more sense when you consider that there were several goals. Aiding the White Fang was one of them, but so was causing panic in general. Panic attracts Grimm. [[spoiler:And that's exactly their ultimate plan: To bring Grimm to Vale]].
* Zwei's use as a bullet powered up from Dr. Oobleck's weapon. Sounds like just another case of Monty Oum Awesomeness[[TradeSnark ]], but remember back to V1, Episode 6. Pyrrha's explanation of Aura was "With practice, Aura can be our shield. Everyone has it, ''even animals''." And Zwei was living with a family of hunters. He was probably trained to use Aura the way we train police dogs to track people.
* In the Yellow trailer, Yang beats a lighter, more agile opponent (Melanie) by interrupting her kick, grabbing her arm and spinning her before taking her out with a kick to the head.. In her preceding fights, she also had a lot more room to maneuver and build up attack power. On the train, she tries to throw Neo too, only to be completely blindsided when Neo moves with the throw, as well as being unable to reach full power. Just another indication of how unprepared Yang is for fighting fast opponents, that she lacks alternate attack strategies. Also, she couldn't cut loose without risking blowing her train car apart, dooming everyone else.
* Of course Coco can easily dispatch Grimm and parry their attacks with just a purse. Her purse has to be incredibly dense and heavy[[note]]Jaunne and Ruby went over it in Volume 1 Episode 2(?). You can make things smaller than they should be, but not lighter.[[/note]], seeing as how it transforms into a fully functional minigun. That and possibly aura too. The minigun aspect also explains how she easily tore through a Death Stalker and several Nevermores: the weapons of Teams RWBY + JNPR, with the exception of Nora's grenade launcher, have mostly the power of standard guns, [[RealityEnsues which proved ineffective against these armored opponents]]. A minigun however propels rounds with ''a lot more'' force than all of them, and thus was able to pierce them relatively easily, by comparison.
* A fridge-heartwarming for General Ironwood: while he firmly believes in military might, his preference for android soldiers means that less people are fighting and dying in battle. When he says he wants to protect people, he ''means'' what he says. And in contrast to a listing in the FridgeHorror section, nobody's being sacrificed for hidden agendas.
* The promo poster for V2 shows the White Fang logo mirrored on Crescent Rose.
* In Volume 2 Episode 4, it takes the entirety of team RWBY and then some just to defeat one Atlesian Paladin. But when the mechs show up again during Episode 11, Ruby and Oobleck tear through them no problem. Then you notice that they're not actually ''destroying'' the Paladins, only throwing them off the sides of the train each time, and Oobleck is (of course) an incredibly powerful Hunter in his own right, and everything makes a lot more sense.
* The fights in the last two episodes of volume 2 highlights the general difference in first and third year students. While first years are formidable, they typically can be taken down if they lack room to maneuver and build up attacks, like how Yang and Weiss lost even though we know they've beaten stronger opponents and did better in the next episode. Team CVFY on the other hand didn't need the extra room, but demolished the Grimm anyway. Third years know how to ''focus'' their power for more versatility.
* A song about having difficulty letting go of a lost loved one seems out of place in the epic battle in Players and Pieces, but then remember the Nevermore's namesake and it makes a whole lot more sense.
* Wearing high heels in battle seems like a terrible idea, but for some characters there's a reason for it. Pyrrha is based on Achilles, whose only weakness was his heel. Blake [[spoiler:is a catgirl. Cats are digitigrade, which means they walk on their toes.]]
* In Roman's first appearance, his cane-gun's fireballs looked and sounded like fireworks. Specifically, Roman Candles.
* In her tirade against the White Fang, Weiss treats theft on par with murder. Why? Because the thing stolen was a Dust shipment--and Dust is most prominently used as a weapon. Revolutionaries like the White Fang would have no other use for it, and the amount they stole would allow them to kill ''a lot'' of people.
* Monty had mentioned that the character designs have more than a few pockets on them. [[TheDevTeamThinksOfEverything His reasoning is so people who cosplay the characters will have places to put their phones, wallets, game systems, etc. while in costume]].
* Weiss's color is white. White light is made of all the colors in the visible spectrum. What is Weiss's weapon? A Multi-Action Dust Rapier which can contain any color of Dust for her to use. What is more interesting is that you separate light with a prism. A prism needs at least two mirrors to separate light into the different colors. What is Weiss's song in the White Trailer? Mirror, Mirror. Alternatively, in all art when every color comes together you get the opposite, ''black''. Chapter 11 of Volume 2 shows us Blake using dust shades.
* Blake's rematch with [[spoiler: Roman]] at the end of volume 2. In their first fight, he handled her and [[spoiler: Sun]] pretty easily, only taking a couple of hits. When she fights him again, aside from using her [[spoiler: Dust-empowered semblance clones]] to offset his great [[spoiler: cane]] skill, her movement is much more restrained. She is fighting smartly instead of impulsively, since her speed blitz the first time had done little good. Moreover, the setting is now in her favor: as we saw in her trailer, she has experience fighting in the confines of a moving train. And on Roman's end, he can't afford to simply shoot her with a charge, and the one time he does it seems to be a relatively low-power firework--if he did, he'd blow the train apart and ruin their plan, forcing him to fight up close and get his ass kicked.
* Some people were clearly upset that after so much build-up, the Grimm attack on Vale was just instantly cleaned up by Glynda. but it does make sense; Glynda's an experienced Huntress with lots of power, so a clean-up would be easy enough in the first place. Plus, the attack was supposed to instigate panic in the people. Her cleaning it up so quickly and easily could be a way to put the people at ease, since that's the job of Huntsmen and Hutressess. they're supposed to protect civilians, and if they can't act quickly in a serious situation, then what hope do people have?
* Nora seems to ''really'' enjoy herself during battle, particularly during the initiation exam. Which makes perfect sense considering she's based on Thor, one of the Norse gods, who revel in combat.
* Neo's weapon is a parasol, an item used to protect oneself from the sun. Who is the character Neo fights? Yang, one of the characters representing the Sun.

!! FridgeHorror:
* The first actual exam for Beacon Academy involves catapulting several students several hundred feet in the air, into a forest infested with shadow-like beasts, and at least one cavern that is home to a gigantic scorpion. Most of the main cast is tough and well-trained, with the exception of Jaune, who had no knowledge of how to use his [[CharlesAtlasSuperpower Aura]], the same power that makes the other characters superhuman. What would have happened to Jaune if Pyrrha hadn't gone out of her way to land quickly and save him? Assuming he did survive the fall, he wouldn't have lasted long in that forest. It hasn't been mentioned yet if there have been any students like Jaune who may have been killed during this exam in the past. Beacon does perform some manner of background check on their entrants, but Jaune got in, despite being obviously unprepared, through a so-far vague screening process. This makes even more sense when you find out Jaune [[spoiler: faked his papers to get into Beacon]]. Is the reason Ozpin still accepted him because he knew [[spoiler: If he was lying, he would likely die in the first test, anyway?]] This makes Ozpin's "I'm proud of you" moment sound a lot more sinister.
* The LyricalDissonance of "Red Like Roses Part II" causes a lot of this. It might just be referencing [[DarkAndTroubledPast Ruby's life in some way]]... In fact, ALL of the songs have dark lyrics with the exception of "I Burn" and even that could be interpreted several ways. Makes you wonder if RWBY isn't a regular DysfunctionJunction. It got worse when the full version of "Red Like Roses Part II" was released. It turned out to be a duet...[[RealitySubtext and the singers are mother and daughter in real life]].
* Episode 15:
** We know that the Schnee Dust Company has been fighting with the White Fang. The latter has committed, theft, kidnapping, and murder. All we know about the former is that they've mistreated Fauna and committed dubious practices. At this point, the Schnee might be the bigger victims, ''justifying'' Weiss' anger towards the White Fang.
** Weiss says that her father would come home furious everyday, and that it made for a ''difficult'' childhood. The way she said this, pounding her fist on the table, and being the highest emotional peak in her rant as she aggressively reacts against discussing it any longer, gives off the heavy implication of AbusiveParents.
* The original plan with White Fang was to ''blow up'' the train; hence Blake backing out and cutting the train tracks; leaving Adam with....a big shipment of Dust. This occurrence likely led to their current partnership with Roman.
* In the first episode of volume two, Cinder caresses Roman's face when telling him just to do what she tells him to do. ...her eyes start to glow; and you can hear a faint sizzling. She's using her fire-dust woven clothing as a threat; just enough that Roman can feel it. As in, she was telling him she could burn his face off if he gets too nosy.
* Junior says that the men that Roman hired never made it back and Junior never heard from them. This means that either Ruby killed them in episode 1 or [[YouHaveFailedMe Roman or Cinder killed them afterwards]]. Or they could have just been arrested for being accomplices in robbing a Dust bank and still sitting in jail.
* So what happened to the people in those cars that Roman knocked off the road in his Paladin Mech? While they'd have Aura, their Aura were likely still locked like Jaune's was.
* Going back to Vol.2 Episode 1, Roman lists off three effects of his robberies: People are panicking. The police are acting in force. And most importantly, the price of Dust is through the roof. The SDC is fully capable of taking full advantage of this situation, acting as the hero to Roman's villain. It's even likely Roman has them thinking that his thefts are false flag operations just to hide the fact he is also in cahoots with the real White Fang. Team RWBY is screwed.
* Yang is a GREAT sister to Ruby. There was even a song about what a great sister she was to Ruby! However, a little of that could stem from the fact that [[spoiler: Yang endangered Ruby when she was a toddler, almost getting her killed by Beowolves because of her own curiosity when she took her in a wagon to look for her own birth mother.]]
* Jaune's [[spoiler: false transcripts]] raise so many questions. Are his parents okay with it? [[AdultFear Do they know where he is?]] Why haven't they been contacted?
* In Vol.1 Episode 4, after rattling off a list of [[TheAce Pyrrha's]] achievements to [[TheWatson an oblivious Jaune]], Weiss asks whether he really believes he's worthy of talking to her, to which he reluctantly admits that he isn't. In Vol.2 Episode 7, Pyrrha tells Jaune that this is the exact problem she faces: because of her status as TheAce, [[AttractivenessIsolation everyone assumes she's completely out of their league and won't talk to her]]. The one person who actually had the confidence to approach Pyrrha as a friend (if only because he didn't know who she was), ''and Weiss tried to turn him away from her''.
* Apparently, if it lives to be centuries old, a Grimm will become both enormous and smart. Smart, waiting behemoths that have centuries of experience to draw upon.
* The opening song for Volume 2 has a rather somber moment where the singer laments on whether they're just heroes or cannon fodder dying for someone else's glory. If you think about some of the more famous fantasy stories, like Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, or even The Wizard of Oz, you will find theories, interpretations and possibly ''confirmations'' that the BigGood was simply ''using'' the hero for their own scheme (i.e. Glinda using Dorothy to kill the Wicked Witch for her and the Wizard of Oz simply going along with it). Kind of unnerves you just thinking about if there's a similar hidden agenda, ''especially'' when RWBY's ''own'' Big Goods are named after those very same Wizard of Oz characters that put Dorothy up to killing the Witch. Even worse when you consider that Cinder is likely using the White Fang for such an agenda.
* In A Little Hiccup we find out that [[spoiler: Penny]] is a robot developed by Atlas and the first ever capable of generating aura. Because it's doubtful Atlas got this in one go we're left to wonder what became of the (likely many) failed prototypes and just how conscious were they once they were deemed failures. And of course we already know the Schnee Dust Company has a very close relationship with the Atlas military, especially in weapons and robot manufacturing.
* Above, it is listed as Fridge Heartwarming that Ironwood wants to develop android soldiers to protect living beings from being sacrificed in battle. However, this turns into Fridge Horror when you consider that he's involved with the project to [[spoiler: create ensouled robot soldiers]] to die in their place.