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04:52:07 AM Sep 5th 2012
Would this count as Large Ham for Spidey?

When a thug threatens to taze a girl with 100,000 volts, Spider Man goes into a bit where he prepares to summon spiders. Thousands at his command...because he's Spider Man. The thug has an Oh, Crap! moment and surrenders.

Here's the outbound pic and the original fanart base for it:
07:26:27 PM Aug 8th 2011
Carlie Cooper is really a Composite Character. The writers are wondering why everyone doesn't love her becuase they just picked bits from old Spidey love-intrests and put them in one person (irnoring the fact that those love intrests have long publication history and all four below have been in one if not both of the animated series):
  • Debra Whitman: Tires hard to invoke the Nerds Are Sexy Trope, presumably so that she's "on the same intellectual level" as Peter or some such nonsense.
  • Mary Jane: Has a tragic past involving her father (really, couldn't even make it the mother? Or another authority figure?), that really doesn't come off as being as bad as MJ's was.
  • Gwen Stacy: being the "perfect girl" for Peter, being idolized (this time by people in-universe, as opposed to in fans' memories). Fans hope she will complete this set by dying.
  • Black Cat: Inverted, Black Cat fell in love with Spidey, she's fallen for "plain ol' Peter Parker"...just like MJ did.
Except since she's just a jumlbed-up "perfect" composite, she has not personality of her own and comes off as The Wesley. It's also why so many things she does falls under Informed Ability, because they're other Love Intrest's traits, not really hers.
05:18:09 AM Dec 15th 2010
Would Brilliant, but Lazy count as being named for Spider-Man?
09:12:03 PM Dec 15th 2010
No. There's no indication that the phrase originated from Spider-Man either from YKTTW or anywhere else.
07:41:27 PM Dec 4th 2010
Why on Earth is the Main entry for Spider-Man about the animated TV show from The '60s? (For that matter, why doesn't the article itself indicate this more clearly?)
12:02:27 PM Aug 7th 2010
Uh, in the original cover on this page, are one of those guys in the background flipping Spidey the bird (the man to the left on the building in the background-you can't miss it)?
05:16:32 AM Dec 15th 2010
Probably not; this was 1962. Interesting observation though XD
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