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04:56:53 PM Jul 6th 2014
Can someone create an Awesome/Heartwarming/Funny pages for just the 2007 film in particular, so as to separate it from the the franchise's pages?
08:05:18 PM Apr 15th 2012
Why is it in the B-Movie list? I don't see it as a B-movie.
08:22:19 AM Jan 29th 2012
For some reason, this was on the Trivia page. Anyone want to help integrate it into the right folders and ROTF/DOTM pages where relevant?

  • Mythology Gag: Several:
    • In the 2007 film Optimus declares that "One shall stand, One shall fall,". This line was originally said by Optimus in the first ever Transformers movie.
    • Optimus Prime's dialogue contains lines he said in previous continuities. One in particular, "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings," is the Catch Phrase quote from the original toy box. This was the first time any Optimus Prime has said those words out loud. (Optimus Primal of Beast Wars was the first to say it.)
    • Bumblebee parked next to a yellow Volkswagon Beetle when at the dealership. It was his G1 alternate form.
      • Similarly, the line "you're not getting a Porsche" - because this version of Jazz is a Pontiac Solstice instead.
    • Several repetitions of "More Than Meets The Eye"
    • The scene of Optimus scanning the truck is taken right out of the second episode of Transformers Armada.
    • In ROTF, Jetfire knows Prime can't win against the Fallen without a major upgrade, and thus gives up his spark and parts to give Optimus just that. The result is that they effectively combine into a Super Mode. Now where have we seen this before?
    • Early in ROTF, an Allspark fragment turns every appliance in the Witwicky kitchen into a Transformer - the trash compactor ends up resembling the Sharkticons from G1, noted for having More Teeth than the Osmond Family.
    • Early in ROTF, Epps asks Galloway: if God made humans in His image, who made the Transformers? In most continuities, the creator of the Transformer race is Primus, a god who converted his body into the planet Cybertron and created the Transformers from his own body.
    • Not too sure about this one, but Megatron says "Yessssss" twice during conversations with The Fallen.
    • The Matrix of Leadership makes an appearance, this time with more backstory than its original incarnation. Unfortunately, it sure doesn't resemble the cartoon versions in appearance or function.
    • Slag, Beast Wars gets a shout out. The Franchise's top TWO Crowning Moments of Awesome are when a lone hero defends the human race against genocidal Cons but tragically falls. Debate rages which is more awesome, but the Beasties' is far more heart-wenching.
    • "Seekers" originated as a fandom term for all of the Starscream repaints (Thundercracker, Skywarp, Ramjet) or sometimes for the Decepticon fliers in general. ROTF gives a new meaning to the term, describing older Transformers like Jetfire who had a specific purpose to scout out planets.
    • During Simmons' exposition about the Seekers, he refers to them as " disguise...", another part of the catch phrase.
    • Promotional material for the movie lists Shockwave's primary weapon as an Astro Mag cannon. The pre-G1 toy that was eventually used to create Shockwave was called the 'Astro Magnum'.
    • Megatron destroys the Lincoln memorial statue and uses its chair as a throne. This is a nod to the G1 episode "Atlantis, Arise!", though he politely removed the statue in that one.
    • Cybertron is brought to Earth's location via space bridge ("The Ultimate Doom")
    • Decepticons take over a city, doing major damage to it, though in the old show it was New York rather than Chicago ("City of Steel")
    • The Autobots are forced to leave Earth by the Decepticons, who then destroy their ship, leaving them all presumed dead. They then proceed to show up and save the day ("Megatron's Master Plan")
    • Sentinel Prime's rust-inducing weapon was inspired by another G1 episode, "Cosmic Rust".
    • Optimus Prime's new trailer functions as a weapons platform, like it did in G1, but also provides a jetpack and weapon upgrades, like the one in Transformers Cybertron.
    • Megatron being the one who provides the means to Sentinel Prime's defeat is somewhat fitting, seeing as though in almost all previous versions of the G1 characters, Megatron is the one who is responsible for Sentinel Prime's death.
  • Shout-Out: In the movie, when the Allspark fragment activates at the Witwicky residence, a bunch of the kitchen appliances come alive and start chasing Sam. One of them, a toaster (who featured in a tie-in ad campaign with the previous film) got a toy. His bio indicates that his Courage is 10 (out of 10).
10:36:41 AM Jul 13th 2011
Alright, the folder sorting is finally done...hopefully I got everything where it needs to go. I'm still not happy with the name of the first folder, but I'm stumped for alternatives right now.
02:42:42 AM Jul 3rd 2011
DOTM should have [Take That] as a trope. A lot of the reviews I have read have commented that this is Michael Bay answering all the criticisms of the past two movies.

And remember Wheelie's off-hand comment about Sam's last girlfriend being a mean one? That was probably a [Leaning On The Fourth Wall] reference to Megan Fox bad-mouthing Michael Bay, which had her being booted off the franchise.
10:52:07 AM Jun 28th 2011
edited by iamnoone
"Predictably, the film has been receiving mixed-to-negative reviews so far. Possibly more polarizing than the previous movie, general consensus seems to be that it's an improvement over ROTF, but how much is a subject of debate."

Er, the film has barely even came out. It hasn't even been released Nationwide yet. Acording to the other Wiki, Both IGN and another news thing, forgot the name, is calling it the best in the franchise, with only Rotten Tomatos reviewing it Mixed to Negative.

Why is it being reffered to being Mixed to negative when only one site, which is known to be unneedingly critical of some things and has negatively reviewed some truely awesome films, when two other sites, and possibly others, are reffering to it as a Suprisingly Improved Sequel?
03:22:31 PM Feb 24th 2011
For the love of god, could someone please collect the tropes into folders for [Both/all movies], [Transformers 1] and [ROTF]?! It's a goddamn archive panic out there!

Obviously, I'm not going to do it myself, at least not tonight.
09:29:35 PM Jul 4th 2011
This definitely needs to happen since DOTM's come out...I'll take care of it sometime this week.
12:49:26 PM Dec 5th 2012
And for that, I am grateful. Even though I didn't see it until now.
04:59:01 PM Dec 10th 2010
On the new that Unicron?
05:01:05 PM Dec 10th 2010
Most likely/hopefully. After using The Fallen, its both the most likely story direction and the easiest way of continuing threat escalation.

Outside of basic logic, though, the trailer wasn't clear if it was Unicronian innards or just parts of the crashed ship..
01:45:30 AM Dec 11th 2010
NO. It is NOT Unicron. For one thing, whoever it is, is inside the ship. For another, judging by his appearance, he seems to be an Autobot. And most interestingly, he bears the symbol of the Primes on his chest.

So, no, not Unicron.
03:37:39 AM Oct 14th 2010
How is The Fallen Too Dumb to Live? He only lost because of events that were basically impossible to predict!
09:13:18 PM Sep 13th 2010
Dealing with the Unpleasable Fanbase example, it seemed that one editor took it kind of personal and claimed the movies didn't follow any sense of internal logic regarding whether Optimus or Megatron were better than one another.

Just to comment on that, the movies follow a skill-level formula that is more complicated than "X is better than Y." Actual strategy matters and the circumstances of the battle will determine who wins, that's why human soldiers actually have a chance. Optimus is the superior warrior but his concern for civilian casualties hampers his ability to put up a fight. Megatron can push Prime to his limits but his battle-lust makes him clumsy and unfocused. In a crowded city street Megatron had the advantage, in an empty forest (or Egyptian ruins) Optimus brings his A game.
11:53:01 AM Jul 7th 2010
So... Sector Seven uses the totally-not-Descriptive Names "Sectors Even" and "S7 Industries" as fronts for their "undercover" and "public" operations, respectively. (See here)

My Questions:
  1. What tropes apply for Sector Seven's... naming sense?
  2. How do you have a "undercover" front for a secret organization?
09:00:23 AM Jul 8th 2010
As for 2, you have a front because, secret though you may be, there are times you're going to have to operate in public, and saying, "We're from S7 Industries" is going to go over better than, "You didn't see anything. Keep your mouth shut."
05:45:17 PM Jun 29th 2010
Wait... Mixmaster?

In failing to follow that whole destructive aesthetic, that has to be up there with Reedman in "Aerith and Bob" territory.
05:48:11 PM Jun 29th 2010
Nah, its traditional. One of the Constructicon names back to the 84' show.
01:32:12 PM Jun 7th 2010
At, the article for Devastator says that the reference to one of ILM's computers destroying itself trying to render Devastator was a mixture of exaggeration and a prank played on one of the animators. With this in mind, can the references to this be removed from the article, or have the issue summed up under an appropriate trope?
09:11:44 AM Jun 8th 2010
edited by MrDeath
Reading the entry, it seems that the "melting" happened in some capacity (probably the computer just overheating to the point of failure). Then it was exaggerated into outright melting, then the prank filmed for the DVD extras exaggerating even more.

So it's probably fair to say Devastator broke one of the computers, at least.
09:36:59 PM Apr 17th 2010
H Ey, i do not know exactly how to add a trope to this movie but i have one

Just Plane Wrong

After the computer on air force one is taken down it lands. Upon landing it becomes a KC-135 jet, a older model too due to the small engines. You can plainly see the boom as well in the shot. Painted like Air Force One, but not the same.
06:25:11 AM Mar 14th 2010
I don't suppose there's a trope for the Autobots having animal-themed faces? (Optimus/eagle, Ironhide/bull, Ratchet/baboon, Jazz/fox, Bumblebee/raccoon)
07:02:51 PM Mar 29th 2010
Nothing that specific, although I do recall that in the first movie each robot's head had some resemblence to their faction symbol. Each Autobot had fairly square features and each Decepticon had some fairly narrow angles. Distinctive Appearances, maybe?
07:58:46 PM Mar 29th 2010
That's probably the best trope to use.
11:16:06 AM Mar 12th 2010
I have to call Fridge Brilliance on the humor, juvenile as it was. Going into it, I think people expected a serious attempt at humor, that would either work nicely or fail hard. Since humor is about the unspected, it Tooka Third Option and had peeing robots and Extremely Awkward Parents.
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