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02:54:57 AM Jun 28th 2014
So...Is it just me, or did anyone else hate this movie? I'm sorry, but I felt like I was watching Twilight for dudes. A similar love triangle, similarly bad acting, just more hammy and/or dull, a similarly stupid plot. Or am I alone on this one?
10:14:49 PM Nov 23rd 2011
Not sure if this was quite appropriate for the YMMV tab, but, did anyone else think it was a huge snub that this movie didn't even get a nomination for Visual Effects at the Oscars? I mean, Inception had the win in the bag... that was clear. But some recognition for Scott Pilgrim would've been nice.

Its unique use of special effects was really refreshing in an era where most action movies are still ripping off The Matrix. And my heart was broken even further when I watched behind-the-scenes stuff on the blu-ray and saw how much love went into the making of the movie... from both the actors and edgar wright's team. Only for the movie to flop. Sigh.
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