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10:52:10 AM Nov 1st 2015
I wanted to add a pothole to "Rhetorical Question Blunder" in that very funny note about "since you asked, July 6th of 2009" answering to "When was the last time you heard a Wikipedian saying "We're not T Vtropes" ?". Now I've just seen why it is locked, but how does one do to simply add an innocent and useful bit of information such as this ?
12:15:58 AM Nov 2nd 2015
You need to ask here.
02:02:20 PM Mar 15th 2011
<Mod Warning> All snarky unhelpful comments in this discussion page have been deleted. In fact, I cleared the whole thing just because it was getting a bit hot in here.

We are uninterested in pointless, unproductive whining. If you have an actual point to make other than "this wiki is becoming unfun because X", please do it on the forums. Nobody is going to read this page and care, so it's the wiki equivalent of leaving rude graffiti in an abandoned train station. It simply encourages bitchiness and accomplishes nothing.

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