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11:29:29 AM Apr 1st 2016
Is the controversial part really all that accurate, given the majority of the sexism and entitlement complaints stem largely from Lexi Alexander complaining about him on Twitter?
01:05:49 PM Feb 19th 2016
So, is there a reason the "Effeminate Misogynistic Guy" trope is not listed as YMMV? Landis' comments about The Force Awakens, which are the listed justification for labeling him as sexist, could be construed as misogynistic, but have been taken by just as many as valid criticisms about making the female main character very skilled in several fields with little to no justification.
02:23:58 AM Feb 20th 2016
That trope cannot be listed as YMMV. Also, tropes are not to be used as commentary on creators' opinions.
03:01:34 PM Feb 20th 2016
I removed the trope entirely. One can talk about that particular issue in a YMMV page, under more appropriate tropes. I'd suggest Broken Base or perhaps Internet Backdraft ?
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