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10:43:22 AM Feb 5th 2017
The Mighty Whitey entry was removed from the trivia tab with the reason for removal being "clearly not trivia". Then it got removed from the main tab with the reason given being "this is trivia". What gives?

This is not something I make up, it is an actual complaint from Native Americans about the Ilvermorny series:
04:20:32 PM Feb 5th 2017
I'm the person who cut it from the main page. To be fair, I did not know that there were actual complaints about it, which I pointed out; seeing as there are, I have no real problem with it aside from my personal issues with the concept of cultural appropriation, which are more or less irrelevant. Linking the article with the example would clear up most of the problem, with the rest of it being that I'm pretty sure Mighty Whitey is not the trope you want here.
08:16:28 PM Feb 5th 2017
08:42:49 PM Feb 5th 2017
Errrr. I think that's closer. If you want to cover the reactions to it, that should probably go on the YMMV page for the main Harry Potter series under Internet Backdraft or something.
02:57:11 AM Feb 7th 2017
edited by spydre
I would add that the premise of the complaint is fairly flawed, since she DID change a lot of creatures from European mythology. Her leprechauns are NOTHING like "real" leprechauns; her boggarts are nothing like "real" boggarts; her selkies are nothing like "real" Selkies, her Veela are nothing like Vila and are more like sirens, and her fairies are nothing like "real" fairies.
10:54:05 AM Feb 7th 2017
edited by Tylda
Never mind, I found a trope that might fit.
02:19:59 PM Feb 7th 2017
edited by TroperOnAStickV2
No, Noble Bigot does not work. Magical Native American might be the closest, although that doesn't apply to her... again, it seems to fall under Internet Backdraft, or an internet-less version of that.
12:48:40 AM Feb 8th 2017
Or maybe it just isn't a trope.
09:11:50 AM Feb 8th 2017
edited by TroperOnAStickV2
Seems like it's something worth noting, though.

Suggestion: Maybe move it to Harry Potter, since it relates specifically to that verse?
01:28:28 AM Oct 2nd 2013
edited by
"Apparently, she split her personality into three parts when designing the Golden Trio..."

Oh, God... is that like creating a Horcrux? What incantation do you have to do to split your personality? :)
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