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12:05:56 AM Dec 3rd 2014
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Shouldn't we at least mention the allegations? I know he hasn't been convicted of anything yet but it's still weird we don't mention it, especially since the circumstances are so bizarre most people who have heard about it have accepted he did it by now.
06:44:43 AM Dec 3rd 2014
I personally think that it should indeed at least be mentioned, even if it's only in a single line. Would seem a bit unfair towards the (alleged) victims to just ignore the current goings-on.
07:11:03 AM Dec 3rd 2014
There is a discussion on this in Ask The Tropers, by the way.
01:06:10 PM Dec 22nd 2014
Oh good grief. An accusation is not a conviction, people. And to adhere to the rule of not pissing off the PC police, that's all I'm going to say about that. We have tropes out the ass about witch hunts, yet that's EXACTLY what we're doing to a cultural icon. Don't you think the timing of this is all very strange? The allegations against Herman Cain came out when he was running for president. The allegations against Allen West came out when he started to become politically relevant. And you can damn well bet that there will be charges of a sort against Ben Carson. I don't care if people don't like it, but the hardcore left (not democrats, the hardcore, SJW-style left) is in the business of obliterating anyone that disagrees with them. Cosby has been calling out the black community for a long time, and it's recently come to a head with his speeches on fatherlessness and gangs. Why is it, if we're dealing with unbiased media and stories here, that Al Sharpton was never brought up on charges for the Tawana Brawley hoax? Or for his back taxes? I guarantee if any of us Tropers tried to withhold the government's money, we'd be put away until we could come up with it, period.
06:33:28 PM Dec 22nd 2014

First off, you arguments make no sense. "Don't you think the timing is strange... has been calling out the black community for a long time"... that's so vague that is makes any time seem like a suspicious one.

Secondly, and most importantly... this isn't really the place for this. We're in the business of documenting tropes and the dude's personal business has nothing do with our mission. There's a reason this stuff isn't on his page.

... and yeah, Sharpton's an idiot. Don't see what it has to do with anything.
11:59:49 PM Jan 2nd 2015
It should be noted that our article on Michael Jackson currently makes prominent mention of (and softens by appealing to the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment) the allegations of child molestation for which he was never convicted. It would appear somewhat inconsistent to allow discussion of the allegations against Jackson while disallowing discussion of the allegations against Cosby.
01:57:24 AM Jan 3rd 2015
Yes? That article needs to be cleaned too, then.
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