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Do not trouble trouble until trouble troubles you.
Siuan Sanche, The Shadow Rising, The Wheel of Time

Different denotes neither bad nor good, but it certainly means not the same.
Cheshire Cat, Alice: Madness Returns

Is he a she, or is she a he? Well, who cares? Whatever this person is, they make great pancakes.
Many a friend of mine.

A guy (or is it a gal?) from The Netherlands, specifically from the east. For those who don't know about Dutch local culture, it's pretty much a lot like Oop North. I even have the accent!

A fervent gamer, both online and offline... and often considered a Gamer Chick, with or without my agreement. Often considered to be one of the girls. Might be because I am - apparently - bisexual.

Tropes that apply to Anna Our Little Alice

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