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07:16:37 AM Nov 8th 2013
Also, the wiki told me to move this to the YMMV page:

  • Escapist Character: Pippi and Karlsson are both prime examples of this, as they regularly do (and get away with!) all kinds of things that children can only wish they could do — though in Karlsson's case, Lillebror ends up taking the rap a few times before his parents discover that Karlsson isn't just a fantasy scapegoat.

but there is no YMMV page/that page is locked for editing.
07:10:31 AM Nov 8th 2013
Neither Mio nor Pippi are examples of Gene Hunting. One is a Changeling Fantasy, in the other the protagonist is completely aware of who her parents are and what happened to them. She might hunt for her father because she thinks he's a Distressed Dude, but in the books he just returns out of the blue.
04:02:58 PM Dec 1st 2010
Karlsson = Complete Monster? What? What? Could someone please explain?
04:56:30 PM Feb 20th 2011
edited by Roo
Probably it was referring to his numerous negative qualities such as his selfishness and Karma Houdini tendencies... But I agree; he's nowhere near bad enough to qualify as a Complete Monster. Jerk Ass, possibly, but he has enough redeeming moments that I think he qualifies as a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.