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12:16:00 PM Mar 10th 2014
Can someone move Joe, Tony, and Len from the Other Characters page to the Marauders page?
04:50:52 PM Sep 29th 2013
With the new splitting of the character pages, how (if at all) should they be customized?

I'm thinking maybe something like this, with a dash used instead of a colon to avoid Colon Cancer (well, sorta avoid it, anyway):

"The Walking Dead TV Show - [group name]"
10:40:43 PM Apr 3rd 2013
Given how quickly the plot moves on this show and the Anyone Can Die nature, should only spoilers for the current season be done? Other shows character pages like Game of Thrones do that. Having events like the barn walker massacre and its fallout or Sophia's death still spoilered makes the pages have a lot of whited out content, much of which is easy to guess from the mere fact its spoilered out.
08:39:19 PM Jan 12th 2013
Specifics of the cleaning I just did:
  • Commented out Zero Context Examples
  • Nice Hat requires the hat specifically be made out to be special, not just "character wears a hat"
  • Removed tropes that have nothing to do with characterization.

There's still more cleaning needed, particularly in regards to Type Labels Are Not Examples, but I'm short on time and ambition at the moment.
09:33:24 PM Jan 12th 2013
edited by ForgottenJedi
How are some of the Zero-Context Example supposed to be given more information? Tropes like Canon Foreigner and Alliterative Name for example. Also some of the descriptive tropes like Perma Stubble can't really be expanded upon.
11:50:57 AM Dec 27th 2012
Should we add a new character quote for Rick? His one seems so out of place since for all means and purposes, he's still in the top 1% percentile of uniformly Good characters on the show.
05:33:45 PM Oct 21st 2012
Is there a reason the images were moved from the right side to the left? All it did was make them smaller and leave massive white spaces all over the page. It doesn't look right.
04:56:36 PM Oct 25th 2012
Since no reason was given, I switched it back.