!!Characters from the [[LiveActionAdaptation television show]] ''Series/TheWalkingDead'':

!!Due to the AnyoneCanDie nature of the show and quickly moving plots, only spoilers from the current/most recent season will be spoiled out to prevent entire pages of whited out text. These spoiler tags will be removed upon the debut of the following season, and the character bios will be updated then as well. Additionally, character portraits will be updated each half-season with the release of an official, complete set from AMC. If you have not seen the first seven seasons read at your own risk!

* [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowRicksGroup Rick's Group]][[note]]General tropes about Rick's rotating group of survivors[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowGrimesFamily The Grimes Family]][[note]]Lori Grimes, Carl Grimes, Judith Grimes[[/note]]
** [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowRickGrimes Rick Grimes]]
* [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowKingCountySurvivors King County Survivors]][[note]]Morgan Jones, Duane Jones, Leon Basset, Hannah, Andrew, Judy, Jamie, Billy, Mike Palmer, Dr. Gale Macones, Gary Taylor, Patty Taylor[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowAtlantaCampSurvivors Atlanta Camp Survivors]][[note]]Daryl Dixon, Merle Dixon, Carol Peletier, Ed Peletier, Sophia Peletier, Andrea, Amy, Glenn Rhee, Shane Walsh, Theodore 'T-Dog' Douglas, Dale Horvath, Jacqui, Morales and his family, Jim, Summer, others[[/note]]
** [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowDarylDixon Daryl Dixon]]
** [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowCarolPeletier Carol Peletier]]
* [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowAtlantaSurvivors Atlanta Survivors]][[note]]Dr. Edwin Jenner, Guillermo, Felipe, Miguel, Eastman, Chase, Harris, B.J., Kelly[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowHershelsFarmSurvivors Hershel's Farm Survivors]][[note]]Hershel Greene, Maggie Greene, Beth Greene, Otis, Patricia, Jimmy[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowPrisonNewcomers Prison Newcomers]][[note]]Axel, Oscar, Andrew, Tomas, Big Tiny, Michonne, Bob Stookey, Dr. Caleb Subramanian, Zach, Patrick, David, Lizzie Samuels, Mika Samuels, Ryan Samuels [[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowWoodburySurvivors Woodbury Survivors]][[note]] Penny Blake, Milton Mamet, Caesar Martinez, Shumpert, Karen, Dr. Stevens, Haley, Tim, Crowley, Rowan, Garguilo, Paul, Eileen[[/note]]
** [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowTheGovernor Phillip Blake/The Governor]]
* [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowTyreesesGroup Tyreese's Group]][[note]]Tyreese, Sasha, Allen, Donna, Ben[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowTheChamblerFamily The Chambler Family]][[note]]Tara Chambler, Lily Chambler, Meghan Chambler, David Chambler[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowAbrahamsGroup Abraham's Group]][[note]]Abraham Ford, Eugene Porter, Rosita Espinosa[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowTerminusSurvivors Terminus Survivors]][[note]]Gareth, Mary, Alex, Albert, Martin, Theresa, Greg, Mike, Butchers, Crazed Man[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowGradySurvivors Grady Memorial Survivors]][[note]]Dawn Lerner, Dr. Steven Edwards, Noah, Gorman, Joan, Shephard, O'Donnel, Bob Lamson, Licari, Percy[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowAlexandriaSurvivors Alexandria Survivors]][[note]]Deanna Monroe, Reg Monroe, Aiden Monroe, Spencer Monroe, Pete, Jessie, Ron, Sam, Aaron, Eric, Nicholas, Mikey, Olivia, Enid, Tobin, Francine, Bruce, Heath, Denise Cloyd, Carter, Scott, Annie, Kent, Erin, Shelly, Barbara, Anna, Holly, David, Sturgess, Barnes[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowTheSaviors The Saviors]][[note]]Negan, Dwight, Gary, Arat, David, Laura, Fat Joey, Dr. Emmett Carson, Isabelle, Wade, Cam, Mark, Gordon, Tina, Sherry, Amber, Tanya, Frankie, Simon, George, Gavin, Jared, Jiro, Roman, Bud, Paula, Molly, Michelle, Donnie, Primo[[/note]]
** [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowNegan Negan]]
* [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowTheHilltop The Hilltop Colony]][[note]]Gregory, Paul "Jesus" Rovia, Dr. Harlan Carson, Kal, Ethan, Andy, Freddie, Bertie, Crystal, Wesley, Eduardo, Craig[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowTheKingdom The Kingdom]][[note]]King Ezekiel, Shiva, Jerry, Richard, Benjamin, Daniel[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowOceansideSurvivors Oceanside Survivors]] [[note]]Natania, Cyndie, Beatrice, Rachel, Kathy[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowOtherSurvivors Other Survivors]][[note]]Dave's group (Dave, Tony, Randall Culver, Nate), Rockford Tent City survivors (Karina, Paul), Martinez's group (Mitch Dolgen, Pete Dolgen, Alisha), The Claimers (Joe, Len, Tony, Dan), The Wolves (Owen, Blond Wolf), The Scavengers (Jadis, Tamiel, Brion), Lone survivors (Clara, Ana, Sam, Library survivor, Siddiq)[[/note]]
** [[Characters/TheWalkingDeadTVShowGabrielStokes Gabriel Stokes]]