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11:17:50 AM Aug 20th 2015
I just went through the whole Characters page and removed the spoiler mark-up around trope names, which are not allowed.

I realise this creates a problem in the sense that trope names themselves can hint at spoilers. I plan to go through the page some more and expand examples where needed, and I propose that either the really spoileriffic tropes - which mostly are one-time occurences like heroic sacrifices - be moved to the page of the book they happen in, or an explanation could remain in spoiler mark-ups. It can't be helped.

For now, I also removed the following two entries, which happened to catch my eye while cleaning up:


My reason: He is not. What happens is that a part of Itkovian is brought back forth by a cult that grows up around his Heroic Sacrifice, and becomes the god called the Redeemer - however, it is not Itkovian the human; it is an entity that grew out of what used to be Itkovian.

The Crippled God:

My reason: He turns out to be a victim of others' plans, but that does not make him or his own plans any less destructive. The fact that several factions decide setting him free is the moral thing to do does not make what he did right or good.
10:48:17 AM Jun 13th 2012

Immortality was split into subtropes. Types are no longer acceptable to use. Type IV was split into Resurrective Immortality, Body Backup Drive, and Born-Again Immortality.

Please read Zero-Context Example and return this example to the page with the correct subtrope and enough context to be a good example.

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