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!!!Human Characters

* [[Characters/MalazanBookOfTheFallenTheMalazanEmpire The Malazan Empire]]: The High Command [[note]]Empress Laseen, Adjunct Lorn, Adjunct Tavore Paran, High Fist Dujek Onearm, High Mage Tayschrenn, Tattersail[[/note]], The Wickans [[note]]Fist Coltaine, Bult[[/note]], The Old Guard [[note]]Dassem Ultor[[/note]], The Bridgeburners [[note]]Captain Ganoes Paran, Sergeant Whiskeyjack, Corporal Kalam Mekhar, Quick Ben, Fiddler, Trotts, Sorry, Other Bridgeburners[[/note]], The Bonehunters [[note]]Smiles, Corabb Bhilan Thenu'alas[[/note]]
* [[Characters/MalazanBookOfTheFallenGenabackis Genabackis]]: Darujhistan [[note]]Crokus Younghand/Cutter, Rallick Nom, Kruppe, Murillio, Coll, Alchemist Baruk, Lady Simtal, Snell, Bellam Nom, Challice D'Arle[[/note]], Caladan Brood's Forces [[note]]Warlord Caladan Brood, High King Kallor, Silverfox[[/note]], The Pannion Domin [[note]]Pannion Seer, Anaster, Seerdomin/Segda Travos[[/note]], Capustan [[note]]Gruntle, Stonny Menackis, Brukhalian, Itkovian[[/note]]
* [[Characters/MalazanBookOfTheFallenSevenCities Seven Cities]]: The Army of the Whirlwind [[note]]Sha'ik Reborn, Heboric Light Touch, Leoman of the Flails, Toblakai, High Mage L'oric, Felisin Younger, Scillara[[/note]]
* [[Characters/MalazanBookOfTheFallenLetherAndKolanse Lether & Kolanse]]: Letheras [[note]]Tehol Beddict, Bugg, Brys Beddict, Shurq Elalle, Kettle, Gerun Eberict, Harlest Eberict, Rucket, Janath Anar, Karos Invictad, Tanal Yathvanar[[/note]], Northern Lands [[note]]Udinaas, Feather Witch[[/note]], Others [[note]]Queen Abrastal, Princess Felash[[/note]]

!!!Non-Human Characters

* [[Characters/MalazanBookOfTheFallenTheTistePeoples The Tiste Peoples]]: Tiste Andii [[note]]Mother Dark, Anomander Rake, Andarist, Silchas Ruin, Korlat, Orfantal, Spinnock Durav, Nimander Golit, Phaed, Clip, the High Priestess of Mother Dark[[/note]], Tiste Liosan [[note]]Osserc, High Mage L'oric[[/note]], Tiste Edur [[note]]Scabandari Bloodeye, Hannan Mosag, Fear Sengar, Trull Sengar, Binadas Sengar, Rhulad Sengar, Tomad Sengar, Uruth, Ahlrada Ahn, Kagamandra Tulas Shorn[[/note]]
* [[Characters/MalazanBookOfTheFallenTheFourFoundingRacesAndOthers The Four Founding Races & Others]]: Imass/T'lan Imass [[note]]Onos T'oolan/Tool, Kilava Onass, Onrack the Broken, Olar Ethil[[/note]], Jaghut [[note]]Gothos, Raest, Pannion[[/note]]

!!!Other Characters
* [[Characters/MalazanBookOfTheFallenAzathanaiGodsAndAscendants Azathanai, Gods & Ascendants]]: Azathanai [[note]]K'rul, Draconus, Errastas[[/note]], Gods [[note]]Burn, Hood[[/note]] High House Chains [[note]]The Crippled God, Rhulad Sengar, Karsa Orlong[[/note]], High House Shadow [[note]]Shadowthrone, Cotillion, Sorry/Apsalar, Iskaral Pust[[/note]]
* [[Characters/MalazanBookOfTheFallenVarious Various]]: Unaligned Characters [[note]]Icarium Lifestealer, Mappo Runt, Fisher kel Tath[[/note]], Lady Envy's Companions [[note]]Lady Envy, Toc the Younger, Mok, Thurule, Senu, Baaljaag, Gareth[[/note]]