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05:03:42 AM Jun 8th 2014
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Is it ok that I add this trope for Jolee Bindo? Or should I avoid the D&D-alignments?

Hidden Depths: At first he seems straight up True Neutral, but later, especially on Manaan and after The Reveal it becomes clear that he's a Nice Guy who still believe in the jedi code to a degree, but is willing to perform chaotic actions in order to achieve the greater good, leaning him closer to Chaotic Good.
10:50:37 AM Apr 4th 2012
Example needs context.

10:06:08 AM Nov 15th 2011
I'm a bit surprised by the 'Good All Along' for Revan. Even if you go with Kreia, HK-47 and Goto's speculations, they describe him as a ruthless pragmatic, a cross between the Practical Incarnation and Ammon Jerro, not as a good person. He had 'good' intentions, but his methods were extremely reprehensible. Kreia's insistence that he didn't 'fall' seems to come off as Revan not being tempted and corrupted by the promise of easy power, like Malak, Sion and Nihilus were. He was a bad person, not because the Dark Side influenced him, but because he committed atrocities upon atrocities even before really starting to use the Dark Side.

Long story short, I'm thinking of deleting the entry. What do you think?
10:15:09 AM Nov 15th 2011
Go ahead.
05:00:45 AM Jun 8th 2014
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