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06:31:18 AM Jul 25th 2015
edited by KorKhan
I notice one user changed the following line:

to this:

  • Moral Dissonance: Averted. They are spies for Claudius making it perfectly obvious why no one in their right mind should feel sorry for them.

Firstly, this seems to be one fan opinion competing with another. Secondly, we don't usually list Averted Tropes, and the way it was displayed there seemed to merely serve as a Take That! to people who opposed a certain opinion. I'm leaving this here for people to discuss properly, if they so choose.
10:25:09 AM Jul 28th 2015
There is only the one single proper view and the many improper views when it comes to Shakespeare. The above is one of the many improper views and the bottom is the single proper view. There is no need to discuss anything.
01:26:01 PM Jul 28th 2015
I do agree with this specific example that the pair are probably supposed to come off as bad guys tied to the Deadly Decadent Court.

However, it's so bizarre to claim that "There is only the one single proper view and the many improper views when it comes to Shakespeare." A big reason why the plays are so popular both as entertainment and in academic study is because they and the characters lend themselves to diverse interpretations and staging.
05:06:34 PM Jul 31st 2015
Jet's post does have a good point as does Hodor's. Jet's would be with the fact that there are misinterpretations, Hodor's would be each setting will bring about its own interpretation.
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