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03:52:19 PM Apr 30th 2013
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I think I'm going to debate Mr Death on whether Vegeta's sex scene qualifies as an entry, why or why not, and what qualifies as an entry on the awesome page in a fan-based parody meant for comedy.

I think the scene is awesome for two reasons:

1. After being made fun of for the pink shirt and being the Butt-Monkey of Super Saiyan jokes, Vegeta actually ends up getting some.

2. It somehow caused a Galick Gun to create a hole in the roof of the Capsule Corp.
07:30:29 PM Apr 30th 2013
Rebuttal: It's a one-off joke. Vegeta doesn't accomplish anything. There's nothing in the scene or anything about it that shows off anything Vegeta's capable of, how badass he is, or...well, anything that really qualifies as "awesome."

"You're not supposed to take it seriously" does not mean anything goes. Neither does "subjective." It's a funny joke, not a CMOA.
07:48:23 PM Apr 30th 2013
Well, then. No offense, but can you tell me why "FUCK THE STREAM", Vegeta's scream, Killing Crabs, Guru's "sacrifice", "stop hitting yourself", "KTHX, DIE", "Kit Kat Bar", "Stuffed Crust", and Goku making fun of Freeza stealing moves are all here if there just one-off jokes?

As for what Vegeta is capable of? How badass he is? It's something you could make a Chuck Norris joke out of! "Vegeta is so badass, he sexed the Capsule Corp. roof to oblivion". Or did the Galick Gun never happen and it's just a visual metaphor or there is something I'm missing? I'm not going to be antagonizing, I am open to that possibility.
07:32:44 AM May 1st 2013
Because I'm not doing a thorough catalogue of the whole page. I saw one entry I thought didn't fit, and I removed it. There's probably a lot of stuff on this page that doesn't fit, just because nobody's cleaned it up yet doesn't mean that this entry fits.

No, having sex with a woman isn't automatically a CMOA. "You could make a Chuck N Orris joke out of it" isn't justification, either, and doesn't even make sense in this context.
01:58:52 PM May 1st 2013
You're missing the point. It's not just having sex with a woman. It was the damn Galcik Gun.
02:04:24 PM May 1st 2013

Using an attack that he'd used before (ineffectually, I might add) to blow a hole in the roof isn't, in and of itself, awesome.

He had sex. The Gallick Gun was just Something Else Also Rises. There was no major accomplishment, he didn't display him being a badass, there was no opponent or obstacle for him to overcome, he just had sex.

Not that huge a deal.
02:40:43 PM May 1st 2013
This is pretty fun.

Dude, this isn't the real DBZ. What may qualify as awesome there doesn't necessarily have to share the same definition as what qualifies as awesome here. Your definition sounds like something that should be applied to a show that is meant to be taken seriously. I guess the Awesome Page was right:

"Note that awesome moments are subjective. What strikes one person as being Pure Awesomeness may generate a 'meh' reaction from another. Of course, you already think your example is awesome. Give the other person the same benefit of the doubt."
10:13:00 AM May 2nd 2013
Whether or not the show takes itself seriously doesn't change the facts of the matter: If anything, this is a CMOF. Just because the show doesn't take itself seriously doesn't make something "awesome."

If anything, a show not taking itself seriously would mean less things would qualify, because there's no seriousness to be awesome about. A CMOA is supposed to be about a major character achievement—not "anything that can vaguely be seen as positive if you tilt your head and squint."
01:54:39 PM May 2nd 2013
08:12:10 AM May 3rd 2013
Mundane Made Awesome wouldn't make it a CMOA.
02:31:23 PM May 3rd 2013
Speaking of which, where did your definition come from?

"A moment when a character does something for which they will be remembered forever, winning for them the eternal loyalty of fans.

Note that awesome moments are subjective. What strikes one person as being Pure Awesomeness may generate a 'meh' reaction from another. Of course, you already think your example is awesome. Give the other person the same benefit of the doubt." - Awesome Page.

Laconic: "A moment in a work that stands out as completely awesome."

"awe·some [aw-suhm] Show IPA adjective 1. inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear; causing or inducing awe: an awesome sight. 2. showing or characterized by reverence, admiration, or fear; exhibiting or marked by awe. 3. Slang. very impressive: That new white convertible is totally awesome."

No offense, but where is your definition?

I have seen many awesome pages. If your definition of awesome applied to them, half, if not more, of the entries I've seen would have been deleted. Are you the only one who thinks this way?

As for why I still think that the Gallick Gun should qualify, see bold.

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