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03:19:07 AM Dec 18th 2012
edited by illegalcheese
Adolf was a war scientist in world war II. Did the show say either way whether he was a nazi or affiliated with them? Sure, the former is unlikely given the kind of person he was, but I'm just wondering if he could have been working with them even if he didn't necessarily sympathize. I mean, they were the only people he could have been working for while in Germany, right?

edit: Wait, I found out how to start a Headscratchers page and this belongs there. Go there to reply if you want.
05:57:51 PM Dec 15th 2012
Would Shiro fall under the Parasol of Prettiness trope? It's a female trope but's sometime's used "as a sign of demureness and innocence" which fits with his personality for a lot of the series.

12:26:42 PM Dec 15th 2012
Alright, since the anime is almost over, it could really use some crosswicking. All we really have to do is add the examples to the respective trope pages, though we should be careful that they make sense even for someone who's never seen the series. So, uh, go to town!
05:38:39 AM Dec 2nd 2012
edited by ABECrudele
Would the 5th and 6th clans fall under Hufflepuff House or not?
11:47:15 PM Nov 16th 2012
edited by dcd93
Can Neko's powers be considered an example of Chekhov's Gun? I mean, it was first introduced in episode 2 but in my opinion at that time it was Played for Laughs...then we find out in episode 7 that she's responsible for Yashiro's(actually The Colorless King) False Memories.
12:58:37 AM Oct 22nd 2012

The second may be accurate, but the first looks really iffy. Given the amount of shoehorning Expy gets (50%+), I'm leaving this here.
04:46:42 AM Oct 22nd 2012
I wouldn't call the second accurate either. Expy is " a character from one series who is unambiguously and deliberately based on a character in another, older series. A few minor traits such as age and name may change, but there's no doubt that they are almost one and the same." Which is definitely not the case here.

And the "white haired guy = Allen expy!" and "long, black-haired samurai guy = Kanda expy!" is getting old. Guys, D-Gray man is not *that* popular.
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