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    Al acts like an Ungrateful Bastard towards Bob... because Al doesn't know that he has reason to be grateful, and Bob never tells him these reasons (the audience may or may not be privy to them).

    For example, Al hates Bob for killing his father when Al was a child, Bob never giving a reason why. It turns out Al's father was a Complete Monster and starting to set his sights on Al (either as a victim or as his successor in the ways of evil), and Bob keeps silent because he'd rather Al have a good memory of his father than learn the truth.


      Silent Scapegoat?

      Sometimes, yes, but in a more general sense.

      For instance, in Sin City Miho is about to kill Wallace, who has to explain that he was the one who saved her life years ago. Or someone telling off Bruce Wayne because for all the money he sinks into charities, he never does anything to physically prevent crime on the streets.

      Locked Out of the Loop (third paragraph) seems to cover the example in OP. The others seem to play off of Dramatic Irony.