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TV Tropes addicts in fiction?:

Is it too soon or to weird to have a character or two who are former TV Tropes addicts? (Only former in that the charters no longer have internet access.)

I like the idea of invoking a trope by name as a threat that would only work on said addict.

RC: You canít bring her here.

AE: Sheís sick I have to.

RC: You canít. Itís against regulations. Iím sorry.

AE: Remember when we talked about Tropes?

RC: Yeah??

AE: Are you familiar w/ the idea of a Morality Chain

RC: Yeah

AE: Well she is mine and I know where you live.

RC: Ok bring her.

edited 28th Oct '10 7:03:10 PM by HistoryMaker

 2 Noaqiyeum, Thu, 28th Oct '10 7:06:42 PM from a thought-experiment gone horribly wrong Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
the it-thingy
It would have to be a given that this is a contemporary setting.

I would be concerned that your readership might not be aware of the site.
"I know I raised more questions than I answered, but I hope now we are all confused on an higher level and about more important things."
I have a character who follows my writing thread itself. It's not any great device, though, and the site isn't named or described beyond the thread. Just a gag—his hacking skills are such that he can access the thread of his own story lolol. I plan to have him post sometime.
In my game, the Magnificent Bastard is also the official lampshader of tropes, using actual trope names to denote things.
 5 storyyeller, Fri, 29th Oct '10 6:13:50 AM from Appleloosa Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
More like giant cherries
If it's a contemporary system and your characters are nerds, it's very likely Truth in Television.

edited 29th Oct '10 6:14:01 AM by storyyeller

Life is simple: it has no nontrivial normal subgroups.
 6 Latia, Fri, 29th Oct '10 2:06:53 PM from The Bottom of Texas
life is hard U_U
I once had an idea about a slice-of-life series about a theatre group with a Meta Guy who frequently talked abouted tropes, and I wondered if I should refer to the site/tropes by name.

If it does end up going somewhere, they wouldn't use the site's names for the tropes. It just seems...I dunno, like he would be a mouthpiece/ walking Shout-Out learned from this site, instead of being a character on their own standing.

Like... Setzer And Friedburg. Their work is basically, "look, we're refrencing this movie get it?" I rather not write him like that.

And it runs the risk of alienating non-Tropers.
 7 Mr AHR, Fri, 29th Oct '10 2:28:33 PM from ಠ_ಠ Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
I prefer puns.

For instance, bit character Headmaster Narm who has the characterization of a Large Ham.

Stuff like that.
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Total posts: 7

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