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Alright, my first post:


Description of effect

Raise the chance of any move used by the Pokémon to hit.

Physiological Response- Biological

Pokémons that possess the Compoundeyes ability sees in a larger and more detailed image, through their large amounts of lenses combining the imaged captured into a huge image.

Physiological Response- Physical

Pokémons that possess the Compoundeyes ability have compounded eyes.

Psychological Response

The Compoundeyes ability has no known effect on a Pokémon’s mental processes or abilities.

In battle Response

The ability increases field of sight of the Pokémon possessing the ability, allowing it to predict where the opponents will dodge towards, thus raising the possibility for the move to hit.

Environmental Response

Pokémons with the Compoundeyes ability can uses its wide field of sight to find wild Pokémons with held items more easilly.

Further Research

It has been discovered that the compound eyes on the Pokémons allows one to see wider than most Pokémons, but supposedly this type of eyes will result in a lower solution than normal eyes. Researches is still being conducted on the reasons for accuracy rising despite the lowering of the resolution.

Pokémon with this ability

As of this writing, only 7 known Pokémon species have been discovered to be able to have this ability and all are partially bug types. 6 species can have this as a common ability while the last species can only have it as a rare sub-group known to trainers as the ‘Hidden Ability’ due to the rareness of members with the ability. The Pokémon with this ability as a common ability are; Butterfree, Venonat, Yanma, Nincada, Joltik and Galvantula. The only Pokémon with this ability as a ‘Hidden Ability’ is Dustox.

Written by ZeroBreaker

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Please do not write articles without putting them on Dibs first.
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Alright, added that to the Dibs (I guess my post above counts as a notification?). Also I wanted to do the Effect Spore and Drizzle, can I put them on the Dibs too?
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7254 TracerBullet7th Dec 2012 09:29:41 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley
Guess Who...?

That's fine, though for future reference, you should Dibs your articles *before* you post them.

Also, might I suggest going back over your article and trying to approach some matters from a less "gamey" perspective? I mean, it's obvious that there would be noticeable improvements in visual accuracy among CompoundEyes mons, but I fail to see how that accuracy could be quantified in an in-universe setting.

Also, what sort of ramifications would having CompoundEyes have on mons outside of battle utility? Would any mons be able to pull off neat party/parlor tricks because of them? Are there any ties between carrying this ability and behavior in the wild?

Just food for thought.

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Does my entry on Pressure here qualify for being put on the website?
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alright, fixed it so it will look less "gamey". I think that in-universe accuracy and evasiveness is based on observing the surrounding environment and predict where the opponents will attack from / dodge to. So maybe Compound eyes basically helps the Pokémon to observe better?
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7257 Umbramatic8th Dec 2012 01:15:08 AM from Orbiting WAAPT
[up] [up] I'd say it looks good, but look more at articles for mons with the ability, and I'd get some more opinions for the others.

(Also, off-topic: You rule for having an Ambush Drake avatar. Obscure D&D monsters FTW.)
Hey Umbra, remind me on Pidgin later to read your draft. Right now I'm at Target getting family photos taken and am on my 3DS or I'd read it now, and I know I'll forget by time I get home :P
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'Kay, can I write an article on Dark Types?
7260 Tangent12810th Dec 2012 07:39:03 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
I kinda feel types need a bit more collaborative discussion, especially considering how they impact other articles rather strongly.
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Well, here goes nothing:

General Characteristics

Dark Pokemon are among the most unfairly maligned Pokemon, in part due to mankind's natural diurnal tendencies. In reality, what is branded as armies of demons and blackness is actually one of the most diverse groups of Pokemon, and some might even offer us clues about parts of Pokemon evolution as a whole.

Historically, it was considered that most Dark Pokemon were nocturnal. Studies have shown, however, that species like Hydreigon, Murkrow/Hunchkrow and Absol are actually cathemeral, if not outrightly diurnal in at least some population complexes. Needless to say, though, they are more effective and powerful at times of low light. The main speciality of Dark types seems to be in direct offensive, having relatively low physical defense and stamina in most cases. This seems to be related to the nature of their abilities, which are quite energy expensive.

One characteristic many people see in Dark types as worthy of extermination is their pragmatism, being accused of "fighting dirty". The reason for this is related to the above: the lack of stamina and defense forces most Dark types to resrot to faster means of self-defense or hunting. In addition, several species are solitary, which reduces social instincts. The fact that many steal is also not good for their reputation.

Dark types are notable absent from Kanto. Subfossil remains show they were present there as recently as a few hundred years ago, but became locally extinct due to ruthless extermination. Since then, programs of reintroduction are being highly debated.


Dark types usually resort to physical abilities, but when pressed they are capable of utilising what is often reffered as "Necrophotokinesis" (literally, "using black light"), informally reffered as "Umbrakinesis". The Pokemon basically manipulates a strange form of energy, very similar to light, but resembling physical darkness, which they draw from the sorrounding environment. It has been speculated that this is actually dark matter, though no conclusive studies have been made on the matter. Studies on Hunchkrows seem to suggest that this evolved from actual photokinesis, though why and how it became this is unknown. At any rate, the Pokemon can condensate it into forms apropriate for offense, though otherwise it is naturally no difference from light in terms of physical effects.

Necrophotokinesis/Umbrakinesis has other benefits besides direct attacks. Even miniscule amounts of this radiance seem to render psychic attacks highly impotent, likely via disruption of electromagnetic waves (his has in turn evolved into highly efficient mind manipulation in Darkrai). It can also create illusions, allowing Dark Pokemon to steal efficiently. In turn, however, much like physical light, it attracts insects, and Bug types in particular are highly resistent.

Dark types have also high resistance to Umbrate, though this doesn't seem to be related to Necrophotokinesis, though it may be related to how they manage to manipulate it. Steel types, with their capacity of reflecting physical light, can also reflect the Dark type radiance.

The emphasis on quick, pragmatic attacks puts Dark types highly at odds with the more ascetic Fighting types.


Pure Dark types seem to be mostly mammals, Darkrai excepted (maybe?), suggesting that an endothermic metabolism is necessary for Necrophotokinesis. Birds and other endothermic creatures are also Dark, though considerably rarer.

Some Dark-type have waving, smoke-like appendages, such as Darkrai, which might facilitate their abilities.


Most Dark types are highly opportunistic omnivores, with very few true carnivores or herbivores, as their high metabolisms make pickiness difficult. Most can make a living in urban environments, being efficient garbage scavengers and experts at stealing, though some, like Absol, preffer isolated environments, away from civilisation.


Most Dark types, being mammals or birds, have extensive and dedicated parental care, often longer than in closely related Pokemon from other types. More phylogenetically confusing creatures, like Hydreigon, leave their young to fend for themselves.

(More info l8er)
7262 Tangent12811th Dec 2012 10:16:13 AM from Virginia , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
I think you're kinda jumping the gun; we do have some ideas for how Dark-types fit into things already.

(Also, note that in G/S you could only find wild Dark-Types once you got to Kanto.)
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Hello, as the Fanon Pokedex piqued my interest, I decided I want to join, Before I do is there any rules I should know about?

Also I like to know if i can do the Poochyena page and would like some assistance

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Notify the thread and get them to approve any dibs you make before you start writing anything. And for your first article I recommend you get help with grammar, style, tone, etc.

As for Poochyena... I recommend looking at hyena and/or wolf biology first, then writing your article based on that. Look up movesets and stuff too, as well as articles on similar mons.

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Thanks for the advice
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Greetings, I've been looking at this for a while now and wanted to join. If that's fine I'd like to give a shot on the Krabby line?
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Sure, just add it to Dibs.

Also, check out our chatroom here for advice, it needs more love.
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[up]Sure thing, and I'll visit the chatroom whenever I can.
I've added my Tympole article to the wiki and now here's my Poison Touch article.

Poison Touch

Description of effect

May poison targets when the Pokémon makes contact.

Physiological Response- Biological

Pokémon that possess the Poison Touch ability have the ability to coat their skin in a poisonous substance which is then able to poison others by entering their bodies through even the smallest of openings including pores when the Pokémon with the Poison touch ability makes physical contact with them.

Physiological Response- Physical

This ability has no known effect on the Pokémon's physical appearance.

Psychological Response

This ability has no known effect on a Pokémon's mental processes or abilities.

In battle Response

When a Pokémon with the Poison touch ability makes contact with an opponent in battle with a move such as Brick Break there is a roughly 30% chance of the target being poisoned.

Environmental Response

This ability has no known effect outside of battle.

Further Research

Scientists and Pokémon researchers are doing much research on the poisonous substance produced by these Pokémon in the hopes of producing stronger, faster acting, more versatile, more effective and more cheaply produced antivenins for both people and Pokémon. Some Unovan scientists are also doing research into why this ability is only found as a common ability in one species of Pokémon and it is the only non-poison type on the list. There is also research being done into comparing the poison these Pokémon produce and the poison found on the arrow heads and other weapons used by certain cultures around the world.

Pokémon with this ability

So far only 5 of the known Pokémon species been discovered to be able to have this ability with only one species having it as a common ability, the other four species can only have it as a rare sub-group known to trainers as the ‘Hidden Ability’ due to the rareness of members with this ability. The Pokémon with this as a common ability is Seismitoad. The Pokémon with this as a ‘Hidden ability’ are Grimer, Muk, Croagunk and Toxicroak.

Written by Shadow6666

Comments and criticsm welcome.

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Awesome, I love seeing new blood around here! and even a brand new troper! Welcome to the Project you two, and welcome to the tvtrope fora Russel!
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I need to do something. Is there anything that I can do?
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I just organized the Dibs by oldest to newest, with undated dibs listed at the bottom. Old dibs should probably be cleared soon
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I should really do the ones I called dibs on.

Or did I delete them? I don't remember...

Anyway, I'll probably do it once I get a new computer with Word on it.
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I know I haven't been here in a ridiculously long time, but reclaiming Chimecho Line article.

I swear I'll finish it someday. ._.
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Been reading this for a while, and I really wanted to contribute something to it. Can I take a shot at the page for Pinsir? I'll add to the dibs page if I can.

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