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Hey there, everyone.

I'm Russell Star 5641, a young man with a passion for art trying my best to make my way through life. I've loved drawing ever since I was young, and it is my dream to one day share it with the world. I want to make people laugh, make them smile. I want to fill their hearts with love and hope but also sadness and pain. I want to share my love and imagination with the world.

I like all kind of different things. I try my best to be a good person and move forward in life with my head held high. I try so hard to believe that everyone is genuinely a good person. That when faced with a choice they will be good men. That rather than judge others they will except them. That rather than hurting others they will reach out in kindness. Its difficult but I'll try my best.

I also mantain a personal Wordpress blog, a DeviantArt page and Tumblr. -

Various Media I Like:

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    Anime, Manga & Light Novels 



    TV Shows