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5651 Aminatep10th Jun 2011 11:25:02 AM from Glorious Mother Russia
Vulpes Zerda
Oh, so there's that. Never seen that page. Read most of the entries however.

I suck.

> More advanced/complex/mature life forms will significantly be outnumbered my weaker smaller life forms. Assuming evo is just a grown up version (cough bugs cough), that's not an issue.

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5652 Neo_Crimson10th Jun 2011 12:06:08 PM from behind your lines.
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But a question, why would the discovery of Regigigas cause a crisis of faith for Coronet Arceusists, going by what we know of there religion and myth, both from canon and the articles (yours and otherwise) his appearance is perfectly compatible with there beliefs.

Coronet Arceusism is HEAVILY focused on Dialga and Palkia, to the point of sometimes omitting Regigigas entirely. To have it appear with absolute certainty, and subsequently be in the public eye, is enough for some Coronets to question the validity of their faith.

If that doesn't make sense. Consider this: What would you rather worship? A God you believe to exist. Or a God that you know exists by virtue of it standing right in front of you?

And a note, where did the canon inspiration for Gigant Arceusists come from?

Snowpoint Temple. You know, the huge building with Regi-like statues everywhere? It's not much of a stretch to assume that it was a place to worship the Regis at one point in time. Based on that, why not make a formal religion around it?

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5653 Locoman10th Jun 2011 02:00:04 PM from Mandrill Maze
This raises the question of religion in the Pokemon world. Considering that they live their daily lives with creatures capable of controlling nature in a variety of ways, how would theology develop? Would it be spirit-based shamanism born out of awed respect for these creatures, Arceusism-style monotheism stemming from reverence of a common creator, or atheism based on the fact that incredibly powerful animals are commonplace and can take out even the most powerful human with ease?
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[up]Shintoism by the looks of it.

^^ Problem with that is that many religions have multiple aspects, take Cathollism and the Mother Mary idoltarty, as a Catholic seeing Mary's corpse dug up wouldn't make me deny Jesus somehoe, it'd make me stronger in faith. No offence but are you an atheist?
5655 Aminatep11th Jun 2011 08:39:30 AM from Glorious Mother Russia
Vulpes Zerda
> atheism based on the fact that incredibly powerful animals are commonplace and can take out even the most powerful human with ease?

Why would there be atheism if there are gods running around the place.
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5656 Neo_Crimson11th Jun 2011 09:00:39 AM from behind your lines.
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[up][up]Okay maybe I gave a bad example. Let me explain like this:

"Why did the Gigantic's God appear to us instead of the Great Dragons like the Good Book said? Could it wrong and the Gigantics be right?"

The key isn't invalidation, but doubt. And that's enough for some people.

[up] When everyone's a God, no one will be.

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5657 SilentReverence11th Jun 2011 09:33:41 AM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
adopting kitteh
[up] >implying Bidoof is a God

(sorry, was totally worth it)

5658 Neo_Crimson11th Jun 2011 09:35:37 AM from behind your lines.
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Well Moody Bibarel IS banned so...wild mass guess
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5659 Aminatep11th Jun 2011 10:21:15 AM from Glorious Mother Russia
Vulpes Zerda
Damn I remember writing an YKTTW about a process like

- Hello, I'm God Almighty.
- 'Sup. We'll go start a religion that worships you now. We didn't have any before.

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Irrelevent. If I saw a giant7 headed dragon today I wouldn't question the book of revelation just because the anti-christ was a bit late.

Likewise the fact that there is a Snowpoint temple does not nesesitate the existnce of a differing sect.

Frankly the only myrhological source of information about Gigas is from a decidedly Arceusts cource, "main-stream" Arceusist could have just as likely build that temple as your fictional sectionistts; to further this, if we go by canon the dragons would show up BEFORE the apearence of Gigas.

An yes God Is Status Quo is a trope ik'e noticed and lan to YKTTW. Flat-Earth Atheist+ No Such Thing as Wizard Jesus =?

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5661 SilentReverence12th Jun 2011 11:19:08 AM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
adopting kitteh
Guys? Check if you notice anything of our particular interests in the "Editorial Articles" section of this page:

Thanks to Patrick, manager of Aqua Bunny, the #1 Nidoran fansite of the internet, for the reference

5662 rmctagg0912th Jun 2011 11:51:41 AM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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That's cool Silent.
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5663 Tangent12812th Jun 2011 12:02:33 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
Yep. Pity the guy feels they'd be a bit dangerous for him to keep, though...
Do you highlight everything looking for secret messages?
5664 Aminatep12th Jun 2011 12:36:24 PM from Glorious Mother Russia
Vulpes Zerda
"#1 nidoran fansite"

This being said, NidoNido line is maybe my favorite in the entire first generation.

It introduced the concept of gender that went on to be of humongous importance later, as well as gender differences; it's one of a tiny amount of pokemon that aren't defined as "it's a well-known object except now avaliable in pokemon form" or "real life animal + a gimmick"

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Therre's more of you freaks?!!!


Man I love Tvtropes.

5666 Kexruct12th Jun 2011 09:03:13 PM from Vvardenfell
I'm not sure how to call dibs but.... I had a couple of ideas for the Wobbuffett line. So do I justs say "hey, lemmme take a crack at that everyone else back off" or what? If this is the entire process then I guess I call dibs on Wobbuffett.
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5667 Blissey112th Jun 2011 09:07:39 PM from a random Pokècenter , Relationship Status: I know
insert title here
just go to the dibs page and post your claim
5668 Kexruct12th Jun 2011 09:21:50 PM from Vvardenfell
Thanks for the help. Anyway, here it is. I'm open to constructive criticism by the way.

Wobbuffet Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Wynaut [360]

  • Wobbuffet [202]

Wynaut is a light blue, roughly humanoid Pokemon standing at two feet tall and weighing in at 30.9 pounds. Its eyes are permanently closed and is almost always smiling. Two appendages are on its head. It also has a small black tail with an eye, though scientists are unsure of what function it may serve. While less protective of their tail than Wobbuffet, Wynaut still fiercly guards its tail.

Upon evolving, Wobbuffet becomes curvier and more elongated, growing two new legs (which remain nearly the same size as Wynaut's legs) and begins to roughly resemble a traditional Japanese doll called a Okiagari-koboshi. The two appendages have moved to the middle of the body, and the black tail now has a second eye.

Notable Biology

Wobbuffet and Wynaut are notable for being completely incapable of harming anything- be it Pokemon or human- significantly without provocation. To compensate for this, they both have immense amounts of stamina,(believed to be caused by Wynaut's constant eating, see the Diet section for more information) and are both among the most intelligent Pokemon currently discovered.

Despite their small legs and comparatively large body, Wobbuffet is actually faster than Wynaut. The reason for this is unknown, as the mostly sedentary Wobbuffet would need the speed far less than Wynaut would.

Their repertoire is comprised entirely of either defensive moves, or moves that can only harm the opponent if the Wobbuffet is harmed first. When entering battle, a Wobbuffet will prepare to counter an attack by forming a weak Psychic link with their opponent. They will give two warnings to their opponent. First, they will shake vigorously from side-to-side, and then, if the opponent attacks them, they will use either Mirror Coat or Counter. If after all of this the offending party has not left, the Wobbuffet will use the move Encore to trap the Pokemon into using their first move over and over again, to allow the Wobbuffet to always correctly guess what move it is going to use. As a last resort, Wobbuffet will use their Psychic link with their opponent to use Destiny Bond, causing both the Wobbuffet and the opponent to faint. Given Wobbuffet's stamina, however, this situation ever happening is highly unlikely in the wild. Wobbuffet are also notable for their fantastic ability to form Psychic links, be it with their opponent (in the form of the move Destiny Bond), or to protect their young. Until a certain point of maturity is reached, Wobbuffet have such a strong bond with their young they can use Mirror Coat or Counter when it is their young, not the Wobbuffet themselves, that have been attacked.

Other than this, little is known of the Wobbuffet line. Wynaut can't be dissected, for obvious reasons, and dead Wobbuffet are notoriously hard to find, due to their long lifespan and uncanny ability to endure many situations that would normally be deadly. Naturally, due to their ability to counterattack, killing one For Science! isn't a good idea. There is only one recorded instance of a Wobbuffet being dissected, and there were no witnesses. The dissection was performed by [REDACTED] in [REDACTED] City. Taken from an interview:

So I was on my computer late at night and I.... um... well there was like this, this odd sound coming from the next room over. Sounded kind of like a cough. So I burst in the room, and there it is, the Wobbuffet I use to help me with my independent research, on the ground choking. No idea why it was. I assure you, I did everything I could to help it, but in the end, it finally died. But then the strangest thing happened. Its tail just... disappeared. Poof- gone. Being a Pokemon researcher, however, I realized how amazing it was that I actually managed to find a dead Wobbuffet, but I also have no common sense, so I didn't film it or invite anyone over to watch me dissect it. [cringes] It only occurred to me three days after the body was gone how idiotic that was. Anyway, when I dissected it, there was virtually nothing inside its body. It was almost entirely fat. No bones. Just fat. Upon digging deeper, however, I discovered several basic organs, like the lungs, the heart, y'know, predictable stuff. But no brain. None. While I was dissecting it, I came down with a splitting headache that became so bad I had to abandon the dissection altogether and had to sleep it off. When I woke up, I went back to the room- and the Wobbuffet was gone.

It should be noted that after this interview, the researcher was unable to be contacted further. Until Pokemon researchers with sufficient recording equipment successfully dissect a Wobbuffet, that interview should be disregarded.


Wobbuffet and Wynaut both live in dark caves, and can be found in the Johto, Sinnoh, Kanto, and Hoenn regions. There has been one recorded instance of a Wynaut being found in a place other than a cave, without its parents. Taken from an interview with Swimmer (F) Katie:

Yeah, I was swimming around Route 130 when this white haired kid popped out. Like, literally, popped out of nowhere. Don't know why, but it kind of looked like he was climbing down stairs when I saw him [chuckles]. Anyway, we lock eyes, and as we begin our battle, he sends out a Wynaut. Well, you don't see those every day, so after I got done battling him, I ask "Hey, where'd you get that?" he pointed at the horizon and said "At that island over there". Well, there's no island there, so I tell him that. He looks at me funny, laughs, and then rides off.


Wobbuffet have rarely been seen eating anything. However, if offered a berry, they will take it.

Wynaut, on the other hand, constantly eat anything they can. Due to their inability to attack they are herbivores. They have an uncanny ability to filter out poison (but are incapable of doing this in battle), which prevents them from dying of food poisoning. Many believe that this constant eating is why Wobbuffet have such high stamina.


Trying to catch Wynaut is not recommended, as not only are protective Wobbuffet prone to attacking trainers trying to do so, Wynaut are known to be disobedient if they have been removed from their homes.

So long as it is not with its young, catching a Wobbuffet is generally safe. However, domestic Wobbuffet should be treated with the utmost care and kindness, as unhappy Wobbuffet can carry grudges strong enough to allow them to use Mirror Coat or Counter on their trainer without being attacked, although this only happens in very extreme cases.

Also of note is their ability Shadow Tag. If they see what they perceive as a threat, the eyes on the back of their tail will begin to widen, and the offending Pokemon and/or trainer will find themselves unable to escape. Most Pokemon researchers believe this is due to the Psychic bond Wobbuffet forms with their opponent causing the offending party to become physically unable to do anything except fight. [TRAINER'S NOTE: Do not, under any circumstances, enter an area where Wynaut or Wobbuffet reside while traveling with a Wynaut or Wobbuffet.]

Courting and Childrearing

Every winter, the male Wobbuffet of the pack will hold various competitions, varying among different packs, where the winner breeds with the healthiest female.

Female Wobbuffet will lay an egg after approximately two weeks. The female Wobbuffet will fiercely protect the egg for weeks until it hatches. Upon hatching, the female will present the baby to the rest of the pack, whereupon the pack will begin to protect the Wynaut (See Social Structure for more details).

Social Structure

Wobbuffet tend to stay in groups of six-eight members, plus a few (never more than five) Wynaut. Generally, one Wobbuffet, usually female, will go out foraging for food to feed the Wynaut, and the remaining Wobbuffet will guard the Wynaut. When the foraging Wobbuffet comes back, it will switch places with another Wobbuffet in the group. It will look to the Wobbuffet it wishes to switch with, salute, and make a series of grunts (which, as some have noted, sounds like the Wobbuffet saying, "That's the way it is, ma'am (regardless of gender)"), after which the other Wobbuffet will salute back and prepare to forage for food.

In Popular Culture

In various media, Wobbuffet are often depicted as a symbol of karma. Earlier depictions weren't as kind, as many believed their lack of combat prowess (before their incredible counter-attacking potential was discovered) and easygoing nature were signs that they were unintelligent, making most early depictions depict them as brutish and near-useless in battle.

So, what do you think? Like I said, I'm open to constructive critiscism.

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5669 TracerBullet12th Jun 2011 09:26:10 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley
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Generally we try to not post things until we have some fluff going for it, but that's mostly because a lot of us tend to be bad at rolling updates. You're welcome to attempt to subvert this convention if you feel that it would be more conducive for you to write the article though...
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5670 Kexruct12th Jun 2011 09:35:30 PM from Vvardenfell
Dang it! I knew there was something wrong with what I was doing. sad

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5671 Blissey112th Jun 2011 10:03:17 PM from a random Pokècenter , Relationship Status: I know
insert title here
eh, no biggy. and I hear ya on the whole no preview button thing.

if you want some input on Wobby, in the past I think we talked about the tail being the actual head(like, where the brain and all that important stuff is) and the body being just a big decoy.
5672 Marioguy12812th Jun 2011 10:05:58 PM from various galaxies
Though you might want to write that as a theory in the article, as the blue part of the Wobbuffet can speak and move and all that.
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5673 SilentReverence12th Jun 2011 10:07:15 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
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Have you edited or posted here before, Kexcruct? If not, welcome. I don't know if it is working at full capacity, but I'm sure there's such thing as a Wiki Sandbox, where you can test how a page would turn out like. With that, you can just copy-save-paste and progressively work on the entry without much problem. Of course then again there's the post, which you can go editing :P

Have a nice time here.

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5674 Kexruct12th Jun 2011 10:08:44 PM from Vvardenfell
Yeah I have but the majority of my markup knowledge is italics and BOLD.
They call themselves seamstresses -Feet of Clay
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It's a bit on the sparse side right now, but that can be bulked up over time. If you want some ideas, I'll try.

Mention shinyness in some form.

While you have said that physiologically examining the line has its own problems, you suggest there has been at least one. In terms of biology, it would be ideal if you could explain their phenomenal stamina reserves, their counterattacking ability and especially Shadow Tag. Even if nothing is concrete, suggest a theory. If Wobbuffet are very intelligent, add some more detail on that too. Do they excel in particular areas, perhaps?

I'd mention Mirage Island as well. That place is covered in Wynaut.

In terms of diet, speculation as to why they don't eat may be a good idea.

Hazards need some bulking. You haven't mentioned Shadow Tag, and it would probably be a good thing to mention how Wob is almost certain to defeat any Pokemon that fights it one-on-one unless clever tactics and/or overwhelming force are used.

It's easy to say that nothing much is known about social structure, but you can always speculate. Also, you may want to work in a reference to the whole circular conversation that Wobbuffet and Wynaut can have (specifically, the Japanese names mean something along the lines of "That's how it is", and "Really?" respectively). Maybe mention how Wobbuffet and Wynaut have been seen saying that over and over again at each other?

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