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Fanart thread?:

Done by you, done by others.

Of a videogame, an anime, a comicbook, a movie.

Comicbook style, photorealistic.

Anything goes, a thread to post your favourite fanart.

Ooo, how about pipecleaner sculptures? That's how I do all my fan-arts. Well, nearly all!

Fuzzy Deadpool

a Lucario

Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere

Darkova from Odin Sphere(my personal favorite)

Fresh today, a not-so-toothless Toothless.

There now, some ice has been broken!

 3 Ronka 87, Tue, 4th May '10 8:44:46 AM from the mouth of madness.
Maid of Win
Those are really incredible. I didn't even know you could do that with pipe cleaners!
Thanks for the all fish!
It sees you.
Okay, that is seriously badass. I love it when people take everyday materials and do bizarre and unexpected things with them. :D
 5 Blueeyedrat, Sat, 8th May '10 5:47:44 PM from nowhere in particular. Relationship Status: Mu
Does stuff like this [1] [2] [3] count?

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"I've come to the conclusion that this is a very stupid idea."
 6 Wheezy, Sun, 9th May '10 10:33:50 AM from Tampa, FL. Again.
(That Guy You Met Once)
@Amy Of Darkness:

I... I have no words.
 7 Tangent 128, Sun, 9th May '10 1:37:59 PM from Virginia Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
Nice. (Does anybody actually use pipe cleaners to clean pipes, though? tongue)

I made this Voltorb Flip piece about a month back.
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Somethinger #XX100
A logo-type thing I designed for the Shopaholic series.

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Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future. . . .
Those pipecleaner sculptures are just pure awesome. And AAAAA TOOTHLESS. <3<3<3

Some of my favorite fanarts I did a while back:

Recent ones I did:

I still have more, but just..too many.

 10 Blueeyedrat, Wed, 23rd Jun '10 2:06:11 PM from nowhere in particular. Relationship Status: Mu
Hey look, another sketch.
"I've come to the conclusion that this is a very stupid idea."
 11 AC Drawings, Wed, 7th Jul '10 10:07:24 AM from MY PERSONAL REALITY
The Iron Woobie
YoukaiYume's Toy Story Livestream Sketches

I was lucky enough to watch it live! It was awesome. More of her sketches here. I can't wait for the next TS! Livestream. wink
Rated T for Teen
It Lives! It liiiiiives!

I'm doing a bunch of fanart for Fan Expo at the end of August, classical portrait style: Peach! Link! Zelda! I put them in big fancy frames and the effect is pretty cool, if I say so myself.
 14 Ossan, Thu, 19th Aug '10 5:08:31 PM from Dahngrest
Hello Ladies
^Whoa, those are beautiful! Excellent work.

I feel kinda lame posting my subpar stuff after that and all the other awesome things in this thread, but whatever, here's an Adachi from Persona 4 I did recently (kinda spoilerish)
Chances are, I'm not actually wearing any pants right now.
^^nifty, I mean, really awesome, but I'm not sure link's tunic lines up properly. You see where it intersects his arm? Makes his hips look wider than his torso. The Zelda is incredible though.

Just to show you what I mean.

Also, that I'm an asshole.

I am a huge fan of Zelda.

I love your art.

I have way too much time on my hands.

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 16 harmattane, Sat, 21st Aug '10 9:16:34 PM from Location, location
I have a pretty simple photoshopped piece that I've nonetheless been taking months on out of procrastination. It would fit into the thread, though. I should work on it a bit more.
Ce ne pas un post.
Wow, I totally pulled a post-and-run here! Been busy with Fan Expo stuff, never thought to check back.

Dae Brayk: you make a very good point about his tunic (and some pretty sweet Photoshop graffiti) I think there should still be some hip there, but not as much as I gave him. I draw too many girls!
Professional Nerd
These were posted along with other stuff in the general thread, but oh well (All of these are sketches).

Celty from Durarara

Bang Shishigami from BlazBlue

Takuto from Star Driver

post-timeskip Simon from Gurren Lagann

Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara

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Ryoma Nagare, New Getter Robo
 19 Dr Furball, Sun, 17th Oct '10 12:27:05 AM from All Along the Watchtower Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
Inspired by the good TMNT Toon:

Karai, the Lady Shredder.

And The Amazing Spider-Man, taking a break to do some homework:

Doin' Homework.
I'm crossposting this piece of mine because it's also fanart.

This is something I've been working on for a while, my rendition of Dune's infamous axolotl tanks, because I just had to choose the hardest, scariest possible thing to fanart. You can look them up, but to make a long and nightmare fuel-tastic story short, a shapeshifting alien race called the Tleilaxu converts their females into people jars in which to grow clones. The reader never gets a clear image of what an axolotl tank looks like, and even then, my version admittedly deviates from the clearest, which describes them as more shapeless and less mechanical.

I don't think these are NSFW, but it had to be just plain disturbing and wrong, or else I wouldn't have got it right.

Here is an empty version, and here is an occupied one—by the crazy hair, it's probably safe to assume that the person inside is Duncan Idaho Version 568758949249.0.

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 21 Noaqiyeum, Wed, 20th Oct '10 9:59:14 PM from across the gulf of space Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
the it-thingy
I've never finished Dune, but I can say I think your concept looks amazing.


Is it odd that I make fanart for games I've never played? Yes? No? Little bit?

edited 20th Oct '10 9:59:57 PM by Noaqiyeum

 22 Latia, Thu, 28th Oct '10 3:04:24 PM from The Bottom of Texas
life is hard U_U
Here, have an Amalia.
 23 Dr Furball, Fri, 29th Oct '10 7:32:36 AM from All Along the Watchtower Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
So, I was telling a friend about Sonic Adventure, and I described Chaos as a monster. He thought I said "mobster". Ding! Inspiration!

I've Created a Mobster!

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 24 Noaqiyeum, Sun, 7th Nov '10 3:02:01 PM from across the gulf of space Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
the it-thingy
...What have I become?!? [Heroic BSOD]

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Game Master
This.... This may be the best crack ship ever.
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