AFGNCAAP finishes this thing (Children of Dune: The Film of the Book):

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Oh, yes; for me, what's wrong with and weird about Dune adaptations are the fun parts, why liveblogging them is still my pet project. Have you seen the 1984 one? If you think the sci-fi channel ones are funny, David Lynch's version was all of that and more.

And here comes my obligatory pimping of this version, which was too bizarre to even produce. Enter with a sense of humor and the MS3K Mantra firmly taped to your face, because this is mid 20th century Paris, man. Would've been the best liveblog material ever...

Another update may be coming later, depending on how much homework I have.

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Rock On
I kinda liked Irulan and Farad'n. They seemed, I don't know, more human.

Wow, it has been a long time. I don't remember a bomb. Maybe I'm thinking of something else. Did he say anything before blowing up?
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28 balrog191124th Nov 2010 05:12:42 AM from Far beneath the mountain
^^ I have indeed seen it, and it's pretty much incomprehensible. There's also a fun game to play with friends for trying to spot every time a shot is re-used during the battle scene. Winner is he whose brain doesn't melt by the end from how literally they took the "My name is a killing word" idea.

I'm assuming you've done the Dune miniseries already? If you weren't planning on it, or if you're just feeling kind, you've now implanted the idea of a Lynch-Dune-liveblogging in my head. Of course you could also be feeling sadistic if you want me to go ahead.

Of course, I still have my Godzilla one, so if you want to keep the 1984 version for yourself, won't be too saddened.

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I've liveblogged both the miniseries and the Lynch one already, but your take on one of them would still be very welcome. I'd follow it.

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30 balrog191125th Nov 2010 05:07:32 AM from Far beneath the mountain
Did you do the Lynch cut or the 4-hour Smithee one? 'Cause then, whichever one you didn't pick, I'll do once I'm done with the first Godzilla. That should be a proper challenge. I might even understand it this time!

The book was wonderful, but that film made no sense at the best of times.
The Smithee one with the repetitive paintings in the introduction—yeah, definitely do the other.

And in case anyone's wondering where the hell this liveblog went, it went to the same place everything else fun goes the week before finals. It'll be back when I have a spare moment.
32 balrog19111st Dec 2010 01:35:51 PM from Far beneath the mountain
Ah hell, no place has the short version. I'll do the Shittee Smithee one as well then. Hopefully won't be too boring for any of you, but then again, most people have enough of a sense of schadenfreude that knowing my pain will probably be enough. Look out for a Duneblog in the very near future. Well, within the next week, probably.
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