Worst abuse of Insane troll logic you've ever seen?:

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301 SirPsychoSexy31st Jul 2010 09:55:02 AM from Texas Panhandle
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^Mayvbe he could get an Easy Sex Change and try out for Miss America.

The judges would love him/her!
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302 Ping69331st Jul 2010 10:07:14 AM from Pennsylvania
Besides the viewpoints of people like Glenn Beck and fundamentalists, one example really sticks out for me: apparently, the Boy Scouts are "evil" because they have rituals that aren't Christian.

One of the reasons why I practice agnosticsm now.
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303 Justice424331st Jul 2010 10:20:03 AM from Portland, OR, USA , Relationship Status: Brony
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…Do those people also think sporting events are Evil? The first verse of The Star Spangled Banner doesn’t mention God at all! And it’s sung at EVERY sporting event in America! What’s even worse is God is mentioned in the 4th verse! Meaning sporting event organizers could CHOSE to include God if they just let the singer continue for 4 times longer than they do!


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304 Stormtroper31st Jul 2010 10:27:40 AM from Little Venice , Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
Many from FSTDT but one that comes to mind right now (paraphrased):

Cows are female, right? That means they can't breed with other cows, so there's no way for them to reproduce and should be extinct according to evolution, but they aren't, so evolution must be false.
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305 Myrmidon31st Jul 2010 10:51:51 AM from In Antartica
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The stronger the woman the stronger the man needed to tame her. So I imagine men view them as a fantastical challenge of sorts. Sort of like climbing everest.

This is in contrast to virginal, soft and very feminine women, who men are attracted to but who pose no great challenge in regards to climbing the steps of masculinity. The challenge they pose is more spiritual hence more obscure and frightening, serious love stories for men are few and far between. (In the Mood for Love and 2046 are examples)

The thing about Sucker Punch though is that it combines both. The women are feminine and vulnerable in the asylum world, sexy and complex in the brothel world and fierce and deadly in the fantasy worlds. So it's little more rounded than people yet realise.

Women taking on aspects of masculine values yet still remaining feminine acts as a great stimulant in a sexual relationship. That's probably why it's 'hot'. That's why men keep a wife at home and find a mistress on the side. The mistress possesses some masculine traits which make her a far more adventurous and satisfying sexual partner.

When a dog mounts your pet dog is it rape? When a fish spawns with another is it rape? No, and No. We are animals. When animals want to fornicate they do, and what other animal asks permission?

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306 Deboss31st Jul 2010 10:54:27 AM from Awesomeville Texas
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^^ That demonstrates a remarkable lack of knowledge on basic biology and terminology.
307 Justice424331st Jul 2010 11:20:12 AM from Portland, OR, USA , Relationship Status: Brony
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^^ I explained this to my wife and she called the author a “Fucked up piece of shit.” She also enquired as to what he thinks it’s called when a “man rapes another man.”
Justice is a joy to the godly, but it terrifies evildoers.Proverbs21:15
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308 Myrmidon31st Jul 2010 05:53:24 PM from In Antartica
The Ant King
Excuse me but the very title of that book belies your curt, flippant summary. What The Blind Watchmaker shows (…to those of us who have actually read it) is that the world is mechanistic, not open to intervention from non-alien life forms. This is deism if by another name. The universe was set in motion. Hello.
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310 snowbull1st Aug 2010 10:58:32 AM from outer layers of The City
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I do not have permission to access that topic. Copypasta?
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I think this one is saying "Obama was wrong about something, therefore he's wrong about everything." Or else it's saying "Obama underestimated the effect of the stimulus, therefore the stimulus had no effect."

The guy from the Evolution video at he end of the last page is actually a troll. That entire video is just a Stealth Parody
Worst abuse of Insane troll logic you've ever seen?
Virtually anything ever said by a liberal, though I'm not sure I would use the term "logic."
^ Specifics please.
It's Seto Kaiba. He has no need for your puny logic. He has money.
The argument that "Truth is Beauty". There are beautiful lies and ugly truths. Beauty is irrelevant to truth.
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Hot means heat. I don't care if your usage dates to 1300, it's my word, not yours.

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Also, Occam's Razor only says that the simpler explanation is usually correct. It makes no guarantee as to whether it must be correct.
^ Specifics please.
Random example: men and women cannot be physically different because that would be unequal.
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... That's a standard liberal viewpoint? Silly me, here I was thinking it was about equal treatment under the law and maintaining an acceptable quality of life for everyone, whether via the free market (classical liberalism) or government intervention (social liberalism).

Guess I didn't get the memo from our Liberal Overlords. Ah, well - gender-obscuring plastic surgery for all!

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What's precedent ever done for us?
That's standard feminism, which in turn is standard for liberals.
321 InsanityAddict6th Aug 2010 06:25:10 AM from Out of the Left Field
1/10. Trolling a thread about troll logic is an interesting challenge, but you clearly don't have what it takes.
I know what you said, sugar, but 'platonic' still entails a world of ideas.
You are trying to instigate a derail by randomly accusing someone of trolling and causing an argument about the subject. It is an advanced method of trolling, but unfortunately for you I have seen it a hundred times already and know its mechanics. Get the fuck out.

edited 6th Aug '10 6:36:00 AM by kaiba

323 InsanityAddict6th Aug 2010 07:09:26 AM from Out of the Left Field
The infinite counter-accusation loop. A beautiful salt-the-earth tactic, simple yet effective.

Post history shows you inserting oodles of Straw Man into sensitive threads, using naughty words that skid the fine line for the please-be-a-dick criterium. But Occam's Razor and Poe's Law.

And to get childishly pedantic, it is a thread about troll logic, so if either of our suspicions where right, it's still on-topic. It just got a tad more meta.

But to humour you, let's return to the matter that instigated the accusation. Positing blatant straw men of feminism and liberalism while simultaneously positing them as monolithic entities defies the same logic you accuse the liberals of lacking. Personal experience aside, a brief view of statements of intent in the feminist/liberal blogosphere defies your assumption.

Your turn, unless you want me to go through the tiresome exercise of linking each and every little instance.

edited 6th Aug '10 7:14:40 AM by InsanityAddict

I know what you said, sugar, but 'platonic' still entails a world of ideas.
As I just explained to you, I know exactly what you are trying to do. Again: I have seen this a hundred times. Drop the act and either get back on topic or stop posting.
325 MadassAlex6th Aug 2010 08:05:14 AM from the Middle Ages.
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Can we ban this kaiba asshole or something?

There's disagreeing with opposing views and then there's Insane Troll Logic sans the logic. At least informed right-wingers tend to bring up sensible arguments, even if I disagree with their personal values.

Frankly, if kaiba's going to be an extremist jerkass, I can't think of why he should stick around.

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