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The Walking Dead: The Game:

 26 Spirit, Tue, 26th Jun '12 2:18:53 PM from America Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Correction: Episode 2 gets released on the 27th. In other words tomorrow.

 27 qtjinla 15, Tue, 26th Jun '12 9:17:46 PM from Los Angeles
Blast it all to hell. And I'm broke. Who wants to gameshare? Lol kidding. MOSTLY.

 28 Mukora, Tue, 26th Jun '12 10:35:59 PM from a place Relationship Status: Love is an open door
It's getting released on my birthday?

Guess I'll have to get both episodes as birthday presents for myself.
 29 Spirit, Wed, 27th Jun '12 7:27:54 PM from America Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
That episode was just wrong man. I mean, wow.

Oh and happy birthday Muk.

Gunpla is amazing!
I"m too afraid to play until I find a walk through.

I hate screwing these things up. sad

Jonah Falcon
Jonah Falcon
 32 Mr.Didact, Thu, 28th Jun '12 12:32:53 AM from california Relationship Status: On the prowl
All Hail the Shep, baby!
I have to say. This episode was pretty frickin' terrifying.
 33 Spirit, Thu, 28th Jun '12 8:43:21 AM from America Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
I have to ask did anyone save Doug over Carley? If so how are things different in this episode?

So do the decisions you make have a substantial impact on later events, or was that just PR guff?

edited 28th Jun '12 9:24:10 AM by Talby

 35 Spirit, Thu, 28th Jun '12 10:08:20 AM from America Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
We're only two episodes in so the full impact of your descisions has yet to be seen. That said how you treat others seems to be the real determining factor here, since in episode 2 I had a character who I was alienating throughout both episodes not try and save my life even though he was hiding just a few feet away, but did have a character I've been friendly towards get over their trauma quickly and rush to save me. Twice.

I'll need to play another playthrough to determine how things can play out differently, but so far it still looks promising.

Bitter person in the shadows....
So I played Episode 2, and now I feel very depressed. I saw the St. John family being cannibals and them butchering Mark coming a mile away, even so the whole episode freaked me out, especially the rather graphic stuff like sawing off the teacher's leg, a legless, bleeding Mark crawling towards the dining room to the shock and horror of the survivors, and Larry's gruesome death.

I kinda question my morality. In the first episode, I befriended Kenny because of his family and friendly nature and made Lilly hate me because I questioned her leadership (and called her a bitch). Towards the end of this part, it's the other way around. Lilly respects me a little more since I show sympathy for her situation and even tried to save her Jerk Ass father Larry, while Kenny hates me because I didn't help him crush Larry's head with a saltlick block in fear of him becoming a Walker. Also, even though I didn't kill either St. John brother, I felt sorry for Andrew at the end despite what he did. He's so distraught over his family's death to even notice the approaching Walkers, who may have already gone for his still alive brother and pregnant cow. Finally, even though I assured Clementine otherwise, I felt ransacking the car made me no better then the hunters that were trying to more or less do the same to us. At least Carley seemed more supportive of me then last time. I wonder what Episode 3 will do to make me miserable?
"Pancakes. Oh, I blew it." - Joel Hodgson

Nobody better lay a Butterfinger on my 3DS!
Jonah Falcon
I wasn't scared by Episode 2. Standard I Am A Humanitarian plot, with Corrupt Hicks. I just thought it was more depressing.

As for the entire Kenny / Lilly thing - they both did say at some point you'll have to start taking sides.
Jonah Falcon
Gunpla is amazing!
I really should have seen the twist coming.

And I know they said you need to take a side but Kenny just did a complete 180 to me and it feels real dumb. He was a complete and total bro in Episode 1 and here he treats me like I killed his dad or something.

Its weird, at first I thought Lilly was going to be The Ends Justify The Means person, but Kenny seems to be sprinting by her.

 39 Spirit, Sat, 30th Jun '12 1:11:32 PM from America Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Hunger and desperation. 'sides it has been 3 months.

Gunpla is amazing!
Still. He almost 180s on you.

 41 Spirit, Sat, 30th Jun '12 1:43:39 PM from America Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Well it was already established that his family is his priority, and half the time he butts heads with you here it's over his family's safety/comfort.

edited 30th Jun '12 1:59:36 PM by Spirit

Gunpla is amazing!
I understand. I can see some tension from the decision but he acts like I almost killed his family or something by not agreeing with him.

 43 Spirit, Sat, 30th Jun '12 2:01:05 PM from America Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Eh, guy's emotional. Would've been nice to have a couple more options to talk things out and level with him.

Gunpla is amazing!
Yeah, like how you can try to reason with Clementine for the supplies part.

I hated how it was like "You are a murderer, you broke this party, you suck, ....."

 45 Spirit, Sat, 30th Jun '12 2:08:20 PM from America Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
I wonder, would Carley qualify as The Lancer with this episode? She not really a foil to Lee, but she does seem to act as his confidant and sidekick.

Bitter person in the shadows....
Well, the moral of the game (and the entire Walking Dead series) is that Humans Are Bastards, and we're capable of more destruction and chaos then any zombies. Yes, they're a constant threat, but it's the survivors that are degrading into monsters because of this.

I wasn't so much scarred as I was shocked. The first episode didn't bother me much, but the second's increased emphasis on the above was more disturbing then seeing someone get eaten by a Walker. I haven't read the original comics, nor have I seen the show, but I should have known better.

[up] Carley seemed far more supportive with Lee in my playthrough of the second part then she was in the first episode. Keep in mind that not everyone chose to save her at the end of episode one.

edited 30th Jun '12 2:12:43 PM by KrazyKopter

"Pancakes. Oh, I blew it." - Joel Hodgson

Nobody better lay a Butterfinger on my 3DS!
Jonah Falcon
Every zombie movie has pointed out that zombies aren't the real threat, people are. Ever since the original Night of the Living Dead.
Jonah Falcon
Jonah Falcon
I also found it to be a little too Remember the New Guy with Mark. Klaxons blaring, this guy isn't going to live to see the 3rd episode!
Jonah Falcon
I wonder what will happen with Ben... I kinda hope they don't just make him a Red Shirt or something. Of course, given how flat and useless he's been so far, there's technically no reason to keep him around unless he gets character development.
 50 Mukora, Mon, 2nd Jul '12 4:27:51 PM from a place Relationship Status: Love is an open door
I'm kind of annoyed that Kenny thinks I wanted to throw Duck out to the zombies, even though I'm pretty certain I told Larry to fuck himself.

Otherwise, aside from a few minor flaws (Mark... why do you exist? You're cool, but really unecessary, ) that was fantastic. Also, I saw the twist coming a mile away, but then, you'd have to seriously not be paying attention not to.

So what's up with that woman? She's definitely not Clementine's mom, but she acts like she knows her somehow.
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