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And I like the unintentionnaly ironic sentence "it seems like the last battle convinced them".

I get the feeling Louvre may have intended that double meaning. He always gives the impression of being one step ahead of the others.

And I for one find the cynicism in the series to be one of the good points, so I'm not entirely sure whether this seems just a little too optimistic. But it's okay, I guess.
And then Louvre will say 'exactly as planned'. For the the cynicism, what I like is that the series constantly balance between the idealism and the cynicism, which make it unpredictable. Sometimes, being idealist means you lost your head, sometimes you win an army. Miria was lucky.
Well, there's a point I guess. Now that you mention it, we have had a few characters that turned out Not Quite Dead in the end (Irene, Luciela and now possibly zombie Theresa) along with the large number that got Killed Off for Real (Noel, Sophia, Ophelia, Jean, Flora, Undine)...
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RT from March 17th: The next issue of Jump SQ (Claymore, DGM) will be delayed by 2-3 weeks. - Just a reminder for all those who are asking.

So no chapter until mid april at least.
I got around to reading all of this a couple weeks ago. I was a little uncertain how much I liked it in the first couple of chapters, but it keeps getting better...

It's disappointing that this isn't more popular.
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The phrase you are looking for is "Needs More Love" and I agree. But some people don't like the month between updates.

So, what is your favorate part/character/etc.? (see if we can get a discution going)

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Besides Clare, I think Helen and Deneve's friendship is really adorable...they weren't really likable until mid-way through the series, though.

I had major Viewer Gender Confusion about Isley until he showed up without a shirt on. That seems to be a common thing, though.
Another problem of Claymore is the graphism of the manga. Angel Densetsu, of the same author, suffer from the same problem. For me, they are good, but some of my friend can't stand them and thus quit after the first chapter.

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[up]"Graphism"? As in...graphic violence and nudity? I do not think that word means what you think it means.

RT from March 17th: The next issue of Jump SQ (Claymore, DGM) will be delayed by 2-3 weeks. - Just a reminder for all those who are asking.

So no chapter until mid april at least.

Curses! (Will that affect the next chapter, too?)
I mean "quality of drawing" by graphism. Not the same ?
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The word graphism is not defined in any dictionary, but it refers to the "expression of thought in material symbols".

Just use "art." And Claymore takes... a bit to get used to, but it's nothing very jarring (at least for me.)
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I see the Awesomeness.
Graphics is the noun, but can be used as an adjective as well. When used as a noun, it's usually synonymous with artwork, when used as an adjective it's generally something Moral Guardians get in a tizzy over.
I basically agree with Chubert here. The art is a little derpy looking at times, but I wasn't terribly bothered by it. It's worse with the humans and Claymores, though; probably because if the yoma look odd it doesn't stand out as much.

Yes, the author's style of drawing faces is...unusual. It's changed noticeably since the start of the manga though (and as compared to Angel Densetsu). I think it looks nicer now, though maybe I'm just used to it.

I do like a lot of the awakened being designs though. There's quite a bit of detail in them; though after a point the theme becomes a bit repetitive.

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Hell yeah! I do kind of like the way it's pointed out that it was Miria's choice to spare the others that led to her surviving in the end. Seems rather optimistic for Claymore, but it's not too bad a theme. And I didn't notice until now that the organization has indeed lost a large number of its single digits already...Audrey, Rachel and Nina were the only ones they had present there.

I also didn't expect Raftela to get killed so easily (in fact, I was half expecting her to attack the handlers right there and then get killed), but maybe she wasn't trained much in actual combat. (Though maybe she's still alive; the organization didn't have anyone there to check if her youki was still present.) The release of the Abyss Feeders wasn't entirely surprising, but I am surprised that there seem to be enough of them to give the entire group of claymores serious trouble. (Although at least Miria figured out to go for their heads pretty fast...rather implausibly fast, in fact.) Not to mention the upcoming release of the zombie number ones is ominous; especially since I figure there's a chance the organization will be forced to release them before they're fully under control. Here's to hoping for zombie!Theresa.

And so it seems they removed the spike from Raki with no ill-effects, too, huh. Wonder how he's going to communicate with that Alicia Mk II twin. And I wonder how long it'll be before we get back to the Raki/Clare sub(main?)plot; since the two of them are now in totally different places, Raki probably doesn't know any of the claymores there, and Clare is stuck with Priscilla and the Destroyer.

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So are we getting a new chapter this month, or did the previous one count for both?
Chapter 115

Hell yeah

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Title, what title?
Raki is awesome!

I never thought I'd be typing that.
What impress me more is that the author manage to make him useful.
[up] I admit, he impressed me too. But while watching him tear through the organization guards was pretty awesome, him being able to take on the twin trainees is quite a stretch; even if he claims they were going easy on him...they even gave Miria trouble! But I was amused when he applied conservation of momentum.

Oh, but no zombie Teresa? Well, there goes my theory. I am disappoint. I guess her corpse being missing its head (or rather, having its head implanted in another Claymore) would have posed some problems.
Theresa is too powerful to live. If the organisation has managed to make her on their side, she would have curbstomb the rebellion and made that part a "Shaggy Dog" Story. There is a great challenge here : the Organization has three powerful number one, whereas the Rebellion has a number one (Myria) who may be powerful, the twin who are weak number one and the rest who can help : it's uneven, but a costly victory is possible for the Rebellion.
[up] You have a point, Theresa is a major Game-Breaker. They could handwave it a bit by having the zombification reduce her skills though - in fact, that's kind of plausible.

About the three number 1s though, I think the balance of power is currently tilted in favour of them if their level of power is anywhere near Theresa's (I figure they're not quite that broken, but they should be pretty powerful since Dae picked the strongest ones he could use). The rebels' greater numbers are nearly worthless on this kind of power scale...just a few chapters ago, Miria herself took out every one of those warriors now allied with her (would have included the twins too, if she hadn't been stopped by Raftela). Any non-single digit is basically a mook by this point.
For me the match is indeed in favour of the three number one, but not too much. What Mesure Is A Undead means that no one will go softly this time.

On the side of the rebellion we have

  • one number one (Myria), who can be sufficient against one of those number one
  • 3 number 2-3 (the actual number three, Deneve and Helene), who can probably be a match against one of the number one
  • the twins + the number 5, 7, 8, and the rest of the sexy seven who should be a match for the last one

I doubt the organisation of the battle will be like that though (Tabitha + Myria, Deneve + Helen and Audrey (3) + Rachel (5) seems to work well as duo and will probably be on different teams, while the last duo, Cynthia + Yuma, will join one of those)

The rest is basically a Red Shirt Army, who should fight the men's organisation during that time and/or help Raky. Or just enjoy one of the turning moment of the story.

What are your prediction ?
For me, I ,see four scenarios
  • 1) Happy Ending: the rebellion win, without any loss for the rebellion.
  • 2) Bitter Sweet Ending: the rebellion win, the number ones died but kill a part of the rebellion.
  • 3) Bitter Sweet Ending: everyone is killed because one of the zombie awaken, and the Organisation is crushed. Clare take care of this zombys and everything is fine.
  • 4) Downer Ending: the organisation win.

IMO, 4 is very unlikely, one is too optimistic for the setting. Two is plausible but that means that Clare won't participate at all at this event whereas 3 is cruel but plausible. My opinion is that each of these scenarios is wrong and that the author will surprise me.
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Too bad this series is not more popular. If it was, we would probably have a Meme about how useless Raki is and could turn it around to make a point about the current situation. At least we now know how the other northern claymores are going to find him.


[up]I can see a lot of different results that would fall between 1 and 3. I would not be surprised if the three former #1s are matched by the rest, awaken, and kill a bunch of the Red Shirt Army. Then, everyone who can (including Raki and the trainees), escapes/retreats-probably with a heroic sacrifice or two. The awakened #1s set up a new balance of power or turn on one another while Raki is taken to Clare and wakes her up.

See, there are a number of different possible combinations.

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