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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World:

 176 Wild Knight, Mon, 16th Aug '10 8:24:17 PM from the wasteland.
So I just saw the film again. Just as good the second time around and loved catching all the references I missed.

MISSION THIS WEEK: Track down all six volumes of Scott Pilgrim.
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 177 AC Drawings, Mon, 16th Aug '10 8:24:24 PM from MY PERSONAL REALITY
^ Too bad, me and the two friends I watched it with found it hilarious.

Your crowd a tough one I take?
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 178 Deathonabun, Mon, 16th Aug '10 8:26:18 PM from the bedroom
^^Not really that hard, at least not for me. My Barnes and Nobel has all six (though I'm poor and only bought the first 3).
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I got the Shyamalan groan in my showing as well. Also laughter at "in other words, it didn't turn out too well for the Native Americans" from the Skyline trailer, at which point I loudly proclaimed, "I already love this audience."

And the movie itself was pretty great. I definitely need to see it again in the next couple days, as I get the feeling I'll like it even more the second time. Shame it's a disappointment at the box office, but it'll no doubt develop a huge cult following over the years, and Edgar Wright is going to be totally fine career wise. I'm a bit worried for Michael Cera, though. I love the kid, but it's starting to feel like I'm the only one, and if audiences are completely sick of him I fear his future is uncertain.

Oh well, there's always hope for that ever-unattainable Arrested Development movie!

This movie will do fine in the long run; it will have repeat viewings (81% on Rotten Tomatoes), but especially when it comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray. This sort of flick always makes its money back in sales to geeks, who are one of the most loyal (and deep-pocketed) fanbases.

I'm guessing that it will also do fantastic in places like Korea and Japan.
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 181 Schitzo, Tue, 17th Aug '10 9:32:54 AM from Akumajou Dracula Relationship Status: LA Woman, you're my woman
I'd love to hear the japanese dubbing of this XD
I just saw it last night, and loved it. One of the more entertaining theatre experiences I've had (what with the Devil and Skyline trailers and the responses they illicited). My only major complaints are:

a) Scott's friends and sister don't jump in to help him finish off Patel like they did in the comic

b) The battle with the twins, which was still really cool, but I'd have liked to see him go hand-to-hand with them (again, as in the comcis)

c) Kim and Envy's Character Development and backstory getting cut waaay back

Otherwise, it was excellent. Two other random thoughts: I am loving Brandon Routh more and more these days (I was literally gasping for breath from laughing at the cleaning lady joke). Seriously, between this and Chuck, I have now officially forgiven him for Superman Returns. Also, this movie has convinced me that awesome live-action adaptations of Fighting Games are in fact possible. If someone were to take this over-the-top magical realism sensibility to a Street Fighter or KOF movie, it would be mind-blowingly sweet.

EDIT: Oh yes, and this film has cemented Wallace as my favorite fictional gay person ever. He was arguably my favorite character in the comics to begin with, but seriously.

edited 17th Aug '10 12:46:24 PM by rbx5

The Evil Dr Bolty
^ Too bad, me and the two friends I watched it with found it hilarious.

Your crowd a tough one I take?

No, they were a really good crowd - laughed at just about everything else, cheered for Scott's victories, clearly loved the hell out of Wallace's antics.

Yet "How does being a vegan give you Psychic Powers?" went completely no-sold.

 184 Sparkysharps, Tue, 17th Aug '10 3:47:12 PM from Portland, OR
Professional Nerd
^ Maybe they were offended vegans.

Yes, all of them.
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"Maybe they were offended vegans."

Good. I think that was my favorite evil ex, just a giant Take That to vegans who think that they're better than everyone else because their brains aren't 90% curds.

Also so happy that a lot of people had similar experiences in the Devil preview =D

edited 17th Aug '10 4:28:52 PM by DeLuman

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 186 Sonic GTR, Tue, 17th Aug '10 7:41:39 PM from where Its Always Spring
Lets do this.
Three weeks ago, I only knew something called Scott Pilgrim existed. For two weeks, Topless Robot was gushing over the movie, so I decided to see it. Last weekend I had stuff to do. Today, I finally saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Sweet Zombie Reimu, that was awesome!!!! The second I can afford it, I'm buying the soundtrack, comics, and DVD.

edited 17th Aug '10 7:42:05 PM by SonicGTR

 187 Schitzo, Tue, 17th Aug '10 7:50:14 PM from Akumajou Dracula Relationship Status: LA Woman, you're my woman
Don't forget the game.
I haven't loved something this much since YuYu Hakusho. I'm actually a little ashamed that I'm still thinking of this movie, like I'm cheating or something.

All I want to do is consume everything to do with this series, starting with the comics.

edited 17th Aug '10 8:38:27 PM by hybridelement

Raven Wilder
Saw the movie yesterday. Loved it. Most of what I have to say has already been said, so I'll just say that I laughed much harder at "Ciao, Knives" than I should have.

P.S. Oh, hey, is there such a thing as intentional Narm? 'Cause, if so, "He punched the highlights out of her hair!" has gotta be on the list.
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re: P.S. Well, I'm trying to get High Burlesque launched. Actually, that's probably good enough so...yes(?)
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 191 zoeymoe, Wed, 18th Aug '10 6:18:02 PM from Subspace
The Iron Woobie
This movie was EPIC! My favorite characters include: Knives Chau, Wallace Wells, Young Neil, and Kim Pine. Also, the fight scenes were amazing!

Definitely see this movie when you have the chance! (For anyone who hasn't seen it yet)
Rated T for Teen
Last woman standing
^ Me too. In fact I liked most of the side characters far more than I did the main couple.

edited 18th Aug '10 8:01:10 PM by wellinever

I'm glasses.
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God my theater audience sucked, no one laughed at really anything. The friend I went with though, we had a blast, shouting out tropes as we saw them(did something similar during Avatar).

The movie on the whole was well, it was okay. It just well, hmm, I didn't love it don't know why. The source material was way to squashed, some things made no sense(the sub-space highway still makes no sense). Maybe its just me but to quote the Critic "EXPLAIN MOVIE, EXPLAIN!"

One of the best parts was when we were leaving the theater, some one said something to the effect of "So skyline is an Avatar sequel?" Yeah I laughed.
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 195 Lull The Conqueror, Thu, 19th Aug '10 8:37:41 AM from eternal loli Hell
I loved this movie. Favorite part: probably Nega-Scott. "Yeah, he's a really nice guy. We're having brunch next week."

And the scene where Knives meets Ramona in the bathroom stuck with me, because I find the idea of meeting a little Asian version of myself in a public restroom both intriguing and deeply unsettling. wink
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After I checked the release date for Germany, expecting it to come out later this month, I have to say:


Ok, sorry, rant is over.

edited 19th Aug '10 10:53:24 AM by eX

 197 Lull The Conqueror, Thu, 19th Aug '10 10:46:48 AM from eternal loli Hell
Oh, yeah, one more thing: did anyone else see the bit(s) at the end where Scott gets the sword(s) as an homage to Revolutionary Girl Utena?
the dice are loaded, the deck is stacked, the game itself will hold you back
@Lull: While that would be awesome, I highly doubt there is anyone in Hollywood with a proverbial Power Level high enough to put something like that in on purpose :P (am I using "proverbial" correctly here? I hope so...)
 199 Lull The Conqueror, Thu, 19th Aug '10 12:22:40 PM from eternal loli Hell
Well, I don't know a great deal about the people who made the movie (and I haven't read the comics yet), but they seem like the kind of people who might slip in something like that. I wonder how that sequence looks in the comics?
the dice are loaded, the deck is stacked, the game itself will hold you back
I'm not sure how it looked, actually. I haven't gotten my hands on vol. 6 yet, unfortunately, though I've read it was originally a Bleach reference, with the sword basically being Zangetsu. It seems, though, that the people who made it are primarily Video Game nerds and not so much anime nerds, though there are a few Shout Outs here and there (like Scott's Astro Boy t-shirt and Knives looking suspiciously like Soi Fon during the final battle).
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