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I raised this in the discussion thread for this page about a week ago. Even in the examples on the page (and I haven't done a full wick check), I see a lot of "In this game you see the phrase '[X] get'", which refers to Item Get! the meme, not the trope. As the page defines it, this trope is a subtrope of Mundane Made Awesome applied to the acquirement of items in video games. How do you go about not just removing the erroneous examples but ensuring that they aren't readded immediately?

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A more important question: is the pose an essential part of the trope? A lot of examples involve just a message and a fanfare.

The description deserves at least a minor rewrite; the Example as a Thesis is sort of misleading.
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I think that the fanfare and the message are more important that a single pose since the pose often varies, even among individual series.
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[up]It's true that not all games have the same pose. However, some don't even have a pose.

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I don't see a reason we can't chalk this up to Tropes Are Flexible.
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Yeah, seems like Tropes Are Flexible. It's the amount of fanfare for item that matters. What form the fanfare takes doesn't really matter. It could be a pose, a triumphant bit of music, zooming in on the item huge on the screen with big excited graphics. It doesn't matter.
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No, the other one.
The trope is basically making a spectacle about getting an item, whether it would deserve it or not. I don't see how any particular element is required, as long as it's hamming it up one way or another.
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Yes, I agree, it doesn't really matter about how the game overemphasises the item collection, if it's unnecessarily over-the-top, it qualifies.

I've also realised that mimetic usage is actually split off into its own "parodies" section (didn't notice that before - oops!), which I guess is okay, although it still sounds a bit too much like one of Wikipedia's notorious "in popular culture" sections.

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It has both 179 wicks and inbounds, for the record. Anyhow, just the fanfare is enough.
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any progress on this?
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[up] Clock is set.
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So. Clearer description?

This is when the player receives any item, especially a mundane one, and fanfare ensues!

In some games, collecting items is Serious Business, with the merest trinket is awarded the same dramatic significance as the hero's +10 Sword of Plot Advancement.

This can be shown in all sorts of ways. Lens flares, sparkles, sun rays, glowing effects, trumpets, exciting music, cherubs, ribbons, banners... all of these things and more can occur for obtaining an important key item, and super weapon, 1 Gilda, or Piece of Shiny Rubble equally.

Subtrope of Mundane Made Awesome.

(I'm sleepy and I started not being able to think around the word sparkles.)

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It is what it is.
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