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26 TheAirman6th Dec 2013 01:48:07 PM from Congratulations! , Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Pokémon Yellow: Catching Mewtwo WITHOUT the Master Ball.

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27 Jinxmenow6th Dec 2013 02:49:05 PM from everywhere you look, everywhere you look , Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Ghosts N' Stuff Remix
Gone Home: Finally figuring out the subtext behind the "transgression". It's always satisfying when the puzzle is solved in your own head, rather than confirmed by the game itself.
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28 TheAirman6th Dec 2013 03:30:26 PM from Congratulations! , Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Long post is long.

My true finest moment?

It was a hot summer day in 2010, and I was inside where there was air-conditioning. I was playing Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on the PSP, the first time I had actually played a Metal Gear game; At the time I was under 17, and my parents were strict about M rated games, so the T rating was a godsend for me.

The previous night I had completed the "chase Peace Walker while riding The Boss's horse" segment, and then turned in for the night. So when I started up the game on the next day, I started the "Infiltrate the US Missile Base" mission. And infiltrate I did; the specifics of this part don't matter much, but the end result was all POWs rescued, 0 alerts and kills, and my first S rank. Moving on the next mission. Paz is captured, the enemy knows my location, and I am all alone; the time for sneaking is over, this was war.

I prepare as best I can: Battle Dress, M653 w/ Shotgun, WA2000, C. Gustav, grenades, supply marker, future curry, zero-calorie soda, ballistic shield, and my trusty Rescue Box. Almost immediately the enemy is shooting through the windows in my hallway, thankfully on the far side of the outside chasm. I switch my sniper rifle and headshot everything in site, never missing, one shot per kill. As soon as I clear the path and head out of cover, a seeker drone appears. I switch back to my M653 and blast the tincan to Robot Hell. Quickly I move down one ladder, sprint across the platform, and back up the next ladder. I turn and three more soldiers and two drones are moving towards me, one sniper in the distance. I shoot one soldier dead as he's running; take cover as the other two open fire; break cover and return fire, killing one; return to cover and CQC the last when he foolishly gets close. No time to stop, the drones are on me and the sniper takes his first shot, I move so as to break the sniper's line of sight and shotgun the drones as the open fire. Switching back to my WA 2000, I return to cover and counter-snipe the last enemy; area finally cleared.

After resting to heal the damage, I go into the next area and find myself face to face with more soldiers and drones. switching to my assault rifle, I fire as I advance, kill the drone, sprint forward and CQC the soldiers, clearing my balcony. One soldier runs up the ramp to my location, I shoot dead and blast the drone that quickly follows. Viewing my surroundings I see a have a perfect snipers nest and pick off everyone by the head, once again never missing, one shot, one kill. I move on and head into the tunnel, weave from cover to cover, and slaughter everyone who dares to be in my way. Two bridges lie ahead, both filled with gunmen and conveniently placed oil drums. I switch out my sniper rifle, take the shot, one shot, one glorious explosion, repeat, and no time to count the dead. I finish the remaining few, heal, and move on.

Entering the next zone, I look at the map: one hallway that I enter in, a second hallway running perpendicular, and a wide-open courtyard. Before I can do anything else, there is an explosion and the cover of my hallway is partially destroyed and a soldier runs in through the new hole. I kill him, look out to see more soldiers coming, and get blown off my feet by a second explosion that leaves a second hole in the wall. No time for staring, I get up, shoot at one of the approaching guards, and haul ass to the second hall as some 50 soldiers and a fucking gunship rain hell on me. The gunship fires off a third missile, making a third hole, thankfully not hitting me,; and as it does, the battle music stops, the works "Heavens Divide" and "Donna Burke" appear in the corner of the screen, and a truly beautiful song accompanies the battle.

I spend the next five minutes rapidly switching between weapons and equipment, sniping two here, lobbing a grenade there, etc., all as Heavens Divide plays. Before I know it, all soldiers are dead, all cover is destroyed, healing supplies depleted, and all that remains is myself and the gunship. Finally the time has come to unleash my rocket launcher. I fire, move as the round hits and the gunship returns in kind, I reload and fire again. the process repeats, some times I hit, sometimes I miss. Heavens Divide concludes, I take one last shot. The rocket hits home and the gunship goes spinning down in flames. The onslaught is over. I walk over to my destination and conclude the mission like a Big Boss.
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29 Jinxmenow7th Dec 2013 10:32:00 AM from everywhere you look, everywhere you look , Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Ghosts N' Stuff Remix
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"Monsters are tragic beings. They are born too tall, too strong, too heavy. They are not evil by choice. That is their tragedy."
30 TamH707th Dec 2013 06:59:18 PM , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Mullering the two extra Weapons Squaresoft added to the PAL version of Final Fantasy VII. Mainly because of all the work I had to do to get there. Like getting the Kalm Traveller all the stuff he required so he would give you the Underwater Materia which made beating the Emerald Weapon possible.
31 Trip7th Dec 2013 07:12:16 PM from IN THE LAND OF THE LOST HORIZON
Killing a boss with a single Crit in Fire Emblem (though Wolf Beil broke...)

Defeating the final boss of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift with only a sliver of health left (with a Distortion, no less)

Defeating the final boss of Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Life of Guardians (just this alone is a feat in itself)
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32 CPFMfan7th Dec 2013 11:03:55 PM from A Whale's Vagina
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Some others:

Defeating the Final Boss of [PROTOTYPE] on hard. I had failed this fight SO many times because of the ridiculously strict time limit. So when I finally beat it, which basically required doing everything right with no room for error... it was a good feeling.

Whenever I go Rambo on the enemy team in Team Fortress 2 as a Soldier with my trusty vanilla rocket launcher and shotgun. Especially in Arena, when my incompetent team gets killed and I win the match almost solo (that's actually happened a few times). Also, getting over thirty kills in one life as a Soldier.

Surviving the lobby ambush at the end of Questionable Ethics in Black Mesa on hard. Incredibly satisfying for a number of reasons, not the least of which being the awesome music. The praise given to me by NPCs for surviving, as well as their shock when the ambush was sprang and the fact that on my previous playthrough I died several times on normal also helped.

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33 Irene7th Dec 2013 11:07:54 PM from Friend Code: 1203-9265-8784 and 4571-1389-1915 , Relationship Status: It's complicated
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Although it's a series of moments, but in Quest 64, using a pure Water run, I've defeated almost every Boss so far without a single Item. Why is this a big deal? Bosses deal truckloads of damage, so doing it without Items is actually pretty damn difficult. Especially with Nepty, who is a hugely powerful boss with immense stats. I think I got 3 more bosses to go, but I think I also accidentally deleted that file. >_<

But for another one, on Very Easy Mode(quiet you), I defeated Metal Mario on SSB 64 in literally 10 seconds flat. I don't know how I did it, but damn, that was awesome. Especially since Link is pretty bad in that game, and Metal Mario is very hard to KO as is.
34 Tuckerscreator7th Dec 2013 11:12:52 PM from High Charity, the Prophet's Holy City , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
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Team Fortress 2: As a RED Medic, I had full Ubercharge but my patient was killed before I could use it. I ducked into a nearby shack to hide while BLU Team passed me by. However, one BLU Demoknight went inside and spotted me. To save myself I activated my uber to make myself briefly invincible, but he realized what I was doing and so stood in the doorway so I couldn't leave. "Alright", I figured, "I'm going to have to leave the hard way." We waited for my Uber to end, he pulling out a sword, I preparing to whip out my bonesaw. In the middle of this a BLU Engineer entered the shack and began building a Sentry. So now it was three enemies against one little Medic.

The next three seconds were a flurry of "AUGHGAHSTABBYSTABBYSTAB" and it ended with all of us dead. But to my surprise I saw on the killfeed that I in fact had killed all of them. The Sentry got me at the last second, but I smashed it in the process. That felt good.

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35 Chilifro8th Dec 2013 03:46:14 AM from New Yawk , Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
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Defeating ProtoManFZ, one of the post-endgame bosses in Mega Man Battle Network 6, in 21 seconds.
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36 entropy138th Dec 2013 04:00:31 AM from Somewhere only we know. , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Cossacks: European Wars, multiplayer, 4-player free-for-all.

I was France, the others were England, Ukraine, and Spain. I won the match by curbstomping all three all at the same time, while they were all busy fighting each other. At one point in the map it really was a FFA, but it seems I was the only one concentrating on a particular country at a particular time in terms of targets.

They all said in-game that I did great towards the end of the match. It meant much to me, and it was almost a decade ago too.
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37 joesolo8th Dec 2013 07:47:16 PM , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Indiana Solo
most recent was pegging a enemy gunship in planetside 2 with an anti-tank round while it was doing a attack run and taking it down.

also self destructing a sentry in TF 2 to kill the enemy heavy and medic pushing the cart to the last point with the ol' Frontier Justice.

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38 Trip8th Dec 2013 07:48:50 PM from IN THE LAND OF THE LOST HORIZON
[up][up][up] how
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39 Chilifro8th Dec 2013 08:35:39 PM from New Yawk , Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
What am I doing here??
[up] Lots of counter hits and Vulcan-2's.

EDIT: Oh, and also DublPoint.

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40 BearyScary8th Dec 2013 08:50:19 PM from A Planet That Looks Like It Has Chameleons , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
  1. : Catching Ho-oh in Pokemon Silver was freakin' sweet. I loved that Pokemon.

  2. : Beating Alma in the Xbox Ninja Gaiden. She's not that hard if you use the fireball ninja magic. It helped that I learned how tough she was beforehand so I tried not to get frustrated at her.

  3. : One of my finest moments in online multiplayer was an accident. I was playing Killzone 3 and was new to the game. I saw a red blinking thing, and shot at it, making it blow up.

An enemy happened to be walking by.

I got an explosive kill. grin
beatmania IIDX: What I'm about to describe isn't actually the greatest achievement I've ever done, not even within the IIDX series, but it was one of the greatest feelings I've had.

First, a little background: Beatmania IIDX is a Nintendo Hard rhythm game. It also includes a Kyu and Dan Ranks system in its Dan Rank Certification mode. Each rank has a 4-song course, each "exam" being significantly harder than the one for the next rank down. To earn the rank, you have to play and complete its course on a single gauge (life bar). 7th Dan in particular has a Difficulty Spike in the form of its last song, The Safari, which is the perennial That One Boss.

It all started when I found a IIDX arcade machine on vacation. I already had several of the PS2 ports and was moderately good at the game by this point, but getting to play on an actual arcade machine was a rarity. I attempted 6th Dan and passed with flying colors, so I figured I'd attempt 7th Dan. I did OK on the first 3 songs, but then at the end, The Safari came and wiped the floor with me. Figuring I at least got 3/4ths of the way through the exam course, I thought I could maybe pass it with a couple more tries. I ended up getting about halfway through The Safari before the hardest section (a Difficulty Spike within a Difficulty Spike!) came and wiped the floor with me again, less than 30 seconds short of passing. Every time, I was so close I could taste it, yet I just couldn't quite reach the finish line.

From then on, virtually every time I'd run into a IIDX machine somewhere, I'd make at least one attempt at 7th Dan, hoping I had improved enough to pass it (or that Konami had changed it in the newest installment and swapped out The Safari). And every time, I'd reach The Safari only to fail in the final 30 seconds. Sometimes I'd try several times in a row out of sheer stubbornness, to no avail.

Until two years later when, after many more failures, I finally passed it by the skin of my teeth. I had 10% left on my gauge at the end, and I'm almost positive it was in the single digits a couple seconds prior to that. It's hard to put into words just how thrilled I was. Two years of repeated failures and stubbornly refusing to give up had finally resulted in success.

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42 entropy139th Dec 2013 04:49:17 AM from Somewhere only we know. , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Oh, I rewatched the only replay I have from World of Tanks that I also converted (a part of it anyway) to a video format...

It's a tier 5 match in my Churchill III. The game is 15 on 15, and the video starts when there's only 6 of us left, while only 3 of them are dead. So that's a 6 v 12.

I then proceeded to play one of my best games ever in Wo T, killing 6 of them starting at that point (and also damaging 3 others), and only one teammate dying. I had a clanmate as a teammate back then too, and when I was starting my killing spree all he said was "go and kill them". As I continued the killing spree "yeah go and kill them all lol". And when the game ended "wow, you did kill them lol".

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Doom 3: Getting crushed by a lift I activated (multiple times).
44 lalalei20019th Dec 2013 12:00:24 PM from At my computer
Beating Area 6 in NES Bionic Commando, and going on to beat the whole game!
The Protomen enhanced my life.
12 kill streak in SDGO.

In a Union Flag. The feels
46 Thnikkafan10th Dec 2013 04:47:30 PM from Faroe Islands (not really) , Relationship Status: I made a point to burn all of the photographs
Red Dead Redemption, playing online. I joined a Free Roam session, joined a posse, and decided to head to a fort on a whim because people were there.

What followed was a long, drawn-out battle between my posse and three others for control of the fort. Most of it was spent trying to take it from a larger one that had it when we arrived (because posses are differentiated by color, they were the Greens), sometimes getting in, sometimes getting slain by a shooter or the fort's cannons before we even got close. We got in at some points, and even held it for a few minutes, until we got kicked out by the Greens or the Teals or the Purples.

Eventually, the sun rose, and two of the enemy posses had left. It was my gang versus the Teals, and the Teals had the fort. The fight was long and arduous, but it eventually ended in me taking out the last guy currently in the fort with a tomahawk to the head. At that point, most of the Teals were gone, and the last few guys decided to leave. Me and my posse had won.

It was awesome. It was fun. And not a single bit of it was scripted or planned. Just a quick impromptu siege.

Now, my finest moment of a companion was in Skyrim, when my mage's zombie (a shirtless pre-existing corpse) took out a bandit leader by suplexing him.
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